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Any fellow swine flu sufferers out there? Please come and tell me if you have these symptoms!

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mum2RandR Fri 03-Jul-09 13:52:32

I have been ill for just over a week, started with sore throat, headache, fever, aches and pains.
All these symptoms lasted for 3 days and on Monday was left with severe sore throat and also ear pain, which I still have now except its moved to the other side!
Saw the Doctor on Wednesday because started thinking maybe its not swine flu but a throat infection. They said my ears are clear and my throats red but they still think swine flu. Have been taking tamiflu for 4 days now and still feel ill.
Was wondering if anyone else had the sore throat/ears or if its just me?

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Fri 03-Jul-09 13:56:54

You have had the same symptoms my dd's have had. I took dd1 to the gp and he just said it was a virus and didn't even mention flu. She is better now but still feeling washed out.

mum2RandR Fri 03-Jul-09 15:17:00

Thanks for your reply. I feel the same, completely washed out. Was told by the Doctor to stay indoors until the weekend which I have done, but to be honest think I wouldnt have had the energy to do anything anyway!

MiaWallace Fri 03-Jul-09 15:26:53

I've got the same symptoms. I'm on tamiflu but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Had to have the paramedics out this morning because the virus is triggering my asthma and I couldn't breath.

Although I haven't been tested for swine flu that is what I'm being treated for because I have been in contact with other confirmed cases.

Never felt so ill in my life. Hope you feel better soon

scaredofthegarden Fri 03-Jul-09 15:27:30

sounds like DS1s swine flu symptoms. Have you got the hacking cough?

mum2RandR Fri 03-Jul-09 15:34:23

That sounds terrible MiaWallace, hope you are feeling better. I dont have asthma so havent had the breathing problems, but agree with you, I have never felt this ill ever. Hope you start to feel better soon.
Havent got a cough scaredofthegarden which Im grateful for, dont think my throat could cope with coughing! Hope your DS is feeling better.
Did either you Mia or your DS scaredof have really bad ear pain? Thats my thing at the moment and hurts like hell!

scaredofthegarden Fri 03-Jul-09 15:40:37

DS1 hasn't mentioned earache. He's had it since Tuesday and was diagnosed over the phone yesterday. We have been told that in our area they are not giving out anti virals any more unless people have underlying medical conditions. The doctor did say there are a number of other viruses going around at the moment and many people are assuming they have swine flu when they haven't. If the doctor has seen you thouh and said swine flu then they are probably right.

MiaWallace Fri 03-Jul-09 15:40:52

I have earache but the doctor says there is nothing wrong with the ear it's just a transfer of pain from the throat.

Deeeja Fri 03-Jul-09 17:24:06

My 4 year old has autism, can not tell me how he is feeling, he has a temperature, very lethargic, and coughing. Think he has sore throat because he refused nurofen (which he usually loves becuase he thinks it is a treat), had to almost force it into him. He is coughing. There is a confirmed case at his school, and at 6 year old's school.
Think he has it. I am 28 weeks pregnant, do I need to worry?

Deeeja Fri 03-Jul-09 17:24:59

Wonder if I am being paranoid. He doesn't have a runny nose, but appears congested.

Notquitegrownup Fri 03-Jul-09 19:09:49

Deeeja theres another thread link here which you might find reassuring.

Notquitegrownup Fri 03-Jul-09 22:11:27

MrsWallace, sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly, but if you are still around, can I ask about the asthma? DS2 has mild asthma, usually only triggered by viral infections. He only has a blue inhaler, as it is usually rare and mild. I am concerned, however, how he will react if/when we get swine flu.

Do you think the severity of the flu virus made your asthma attack much worse than usual, or do you usually react so badly? Is there anything you think you/we could do to prepare/prevent things being so bad for our 6 year old?


MiaWallace Sat 04-Jul-09 09:34:37

Notquitegrownup, I have only ever had really mild asthma. I didn't even know where my inhalers were because I hadn't used them for so long (stupid of me I know).

Swine flu has definatly made my asthma far worse that is has ever been. The doctor has now told me I need to make sure I take my preventer inhaler (brown one) everyday, plus I've had to use my reliver inhaler (blue one) half a dozen times since yesterday.

Please make sure you have got his inhalers and know where they are and fingers crossed he doesn't catch it.

Notquitegrownup Sat 04-Jul-09 19:14:38

Thank you MW - definitely off to the docs next week then to see if we can get a brown inhaler in anticipation.

BoffinMum Sun 05-Jul-09 09:07:10

DD had all these symptoms and was swabbed for swine flu, but the results came back negative. She needed an inhaler though, and she doesn't usually have asthma. I got a milder version of it and didn't wheeze but have a raging ear infection now (might not be connected).

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