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Just found out, a boy in my class has SWINE FLU

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noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 18:17:27

I am feeling rather anxious to say the least about returning to school on Wednesday. Have spoken to my jobshare partner and apparently the rest of the staff are quite relaxed about the whole thing.

Would you feel ok about going back to work, if you were me??

LIZS Mon 29-Jun-09 18:20:08

Surely he isn't in school now though.

BennyAndJoon Mon 29-Jun-09 18:21:11

TBH - I would quite like to get swine flu now, when it seems to be (mostly) quite benign. I would rather have it now than when it hits a much larger percentage of the population later in the year, and the health care resources will be much more stretched.

If you do get it could you come and stay with us? wink

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 18:21:53

no, but another child almost certainly has it too, and there could be others in class incubatibg it...

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 18:23:35

i take your point, benny.

BennyAndJoon Mon 29-Jun-09 18:30:53

also they have found a tamiflu resistant strain in Denmark or somewhere, I would like to get it over and done with while there are drugs that still work!

TheFallenMadonna Mon 29-Jun-09 18:33:09

Aren't they closing the school then? I was rather hoping for a mild case or two so I could get some schemes of work written...

mum2RandR Mon 29-Jun-09 18:36:17

As a person who currently has swine flu (was told by the doctor over the phone it was quite likely I had it) Im quite glad to have it now and not when its supposed to get worse! Then saying that have been quite ill for the last 4 days so cant quite believe it can get worse!

tiredemma Mon 29-Jun-09 18:37:57

DS2 Has been swabbed for it today (he is very poorly at the mo)- housebound for at least 5 days on Drs orders.

foxytocin Mon 29-Jun-09 18:38:41

by the end of next winter 80% of us would have had swine flu, or rather, one of its thousand mutations.

i kinda think it isn't a bad idea to get it now while the NHS isn't groaning under the pressure it will have come December.

foxytocin Mon 29-Jun-09 18:40:17

oh i see. great minds think alike. grin

Sibble Mon 29-Jun-09 18:57:25

agree 100% get it before it mutates (again) unless of course you have other health problems then probably best not to get it at all. dh and ds have both had flu over past few weeks. We were told they wouldn't be testing us, quarantine ourselves and hope it's the swine variety so we're all immune!

edam Mon 29-Jun-09 19:01:16

Agree better get it now - in most people it seems to be relatively mild atm as far as flu goes. Keep your fingers crossed you don't need anything more than tlc as the NHS will possibly be a bit busy this week dealing with the heatwave (lots of elderly/vulnerable people get very ill when temperatures soar).

I had a thread on this the other day as the mother of a boy in ds's class has it and it was quite reassuring.

SlartyBartFast Mon 29-Jun-09 19:02:41

perhaps we shoudl ahve a swine flu party grin

bargainhuntingbetty Mon 29-Jun-09 19:04:36

mums2randr, are you terribly ill or just heavy cold ill. I know someone who's child has had swine flu and she says that her other dc's are prone to tonsilitis and that they are iller when they have that than her dc was with swine flu?

Hope you feel better soon.

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 19:58:26

yes, i agree that its better to have it now, but thats still working on the assumption that most of us will get it at some point. obv i'd rather give it a miss altogether.

you know, its funny, but i think i too could be quite relaxed about it in theory, but in practice, i'm quite anxious about it, tbh.did that make sense?

be interesting to see how many parents keep their dcs off school tomorrow.

edam Mon 29-Jun-09 20:32:41

grin slarty

I know what you mean, Noonar, I was feeling not neurotic at all about swine flu but am suddenly rather more anxious now it's so close to home!

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 20:46:56

thanks edam.

i think its partly about feeling pressured to return to work against my instincts. put it this way, would you go to a party if you knew the dcs there had been exposed to swine flu? i 'm guessing not. but when it comes to school, i feel like i'm being forced to expose myself to a risk that i'd otherwise avoid.

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 21:39:16

you know what, i'm really corss about this now and need to vent.

a month ago we saw footage on the news of schools being closed as cases of swine flu were discovered. children were sent home in tears with anti viral drugs.

now it has come to MY school. a girl has died of it in birmingham. a second boy in my class almost certainly has it, too, i've just heard.

and i'm not supposed to bloody panic.

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 21:52:44

'cross' i meant.

is no one around to console me?

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 29-Jun-09 22:20:54

noonar, I'm afraid its going to get so widespread that all we can do is grit our teeth and get on with it (with plenty of handwashing of course) I'd be a bit anxious too if I were you but its at the point where you just don't know when you will come into contact with it.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 29-Jun-09 22:22:40

(but at least if you get it now, then you won't have to keep wondering when you'll get it and summer holidays will be more relaxing if you arent giving hard stares to coughing holiday makers)

noonar Mon 29-Jun-09 22:25:39

thanks OHyou, a bit of perspective is what i need. part of me thinks your absolutely right, but another part of me worries. 3 days ago a girl in a local school was tested for it. not a confirmed case. just tested. it made the local papers. we have only 3 school age children with it in the county, apparently. still feels like quite a big deal.

kid Mon 29-Jun-09 22:30:26

3 cases confirmed at my DCs school. The school will remain open though and we will just have to wait and see what happens.
Apparently, the transmission of the virus has already happened so there is no point in closing the school now.

I just hope there is no-one with underlying health issues exposed to it. It would be impossible to completely contain it now, but it makes me worry anyway.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 29-Jun-09 22:38:53

noonar - when it hits our school I expect I'll feel the same way You might find getting some alcohol hand sanitiser helps you to feel a bit more in control.

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