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Swine flu 2015!

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LL0015 Mon 05-Jan-15 14:48:55

So I've been very ill, it's shocked me quite how much the stuffing has been knocked out of me.

I saw an out of hours (very nice man) doctor, who after examining me thoroughly said there have been documented cases of Swine Flu in Essex recently.

Well I haven't been to Essex I said!
But later on I realised I had been to East London to a spa where germs were probably rife.

So I thought I would document my symptoms and see if anyone who has had Swine Flu had similar.

Started with aches and a low temperature. Next day I could cope on full paracetemal and ibuprofen doses until evening when I sank into bed with a temp of 38.

Tuesday shivery and achey, made it to doctor and back to bed where I stayed until Sat. I couldn't look after children. But it was ok passing time with TV or radio and someone to put drinks and meals in front of me. But I wouldn't have bothered for myself.

Sat morning, woke with a all over headache very severe and was violently sick. Just the once.
I am now slowly shaking off the headache, two days later but have been able to get up, shower and make toast but it is absolutely killing me and I feel faint and have to sit down again. I am moving at snail pace, I don't have an ounce of energy and I still feel light headed and achey but they are not bothering me in comparison to how I was.

Family tell me I didn't speak for three days.
The actual feeling ill wasn't too bad. But this recovery after shock is terrible! I am fit healthy and bouncy usually!

So I wonder if anyone else has had this horrid little bug!
I got it straight after the cough and temperature virus so have been ill forever.

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