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Flu Vaccine

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zumo Tue 01-Jan-13 16:49:08

If you want to know about Flu the WHO is the best place to read all about it.
From memory Swine flu is bad but didnt hit as many people as predicted, statistically we are due another pandemic but who knows when?

worldgonecrazy Thu 15-Dec-11 07:25:26

Entirely personal choice. I was pregnant during the first swine flu 'epidemic' and everyone in my department had it except me. A couple were quite ill - we're not ones for having time off for colds etc. but even my boss was off for 4 days. We're a very close department, sharing phones, etc. so I would definitely have been exposed to the virus.

I think what I'm trying to say is that being pregnant doesn't make you more likely to get the flu if you have a resistance to it, but that if you do get it, the possibility of developing complications is increased.

During the two outbreaks I did keep an eye on media and WHO reports of flu and anecdotally it seemed to me that one of the biggest risks for complications was actually obesity - hence the larger percentage of deaths in the USA and UK compared to other countries. But I'm no scientist.

littlewheel Thu 15-Dec-11 07:18:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bumbleymummy Fri 11-Nov-11 23:15:43

Well you may very well have had it because a high proportion of cases were asymptomatic or very mild.

Iirc there were 9 deaths in pregnant women from swine flu last year out of 602. Of course every one was tragic but it is still a very small risk.

lucybrad Fri 11-Nov-11 20:59:47

yes take it its recommended for you as your doctor or midwife suggested and H1N1 is still about, as you will all see in about 3-4 weeks time. It wont hurt you or the baby, but will proctect you and the baby after it is born.

tewhau Fri 11-Nov-11 16:08:28

The relationship between the southern and northern hemisphere flu seasons is only about 66%, and not something I would be relying upon if I were pregnant. I might not have it a such an early stage of pregnancy, but I would have it unless I had had flu in 2009/10 (when the predominant virus was Swine Flu), and even then I'd consider having it. The risk may be small, but when the outcomes for pregnant women were bad, they were very bad. If your doctor has offered the vaccine, I would recommend taking it. Yes of course it's up to you how you feel about it, and what decision you take, but as you've asked for advice, that's mine.

bumbleymummy Wed 09-Nov-11 23:09:03

I didn't think it was recommended until something like 15 weeks anyway... I, personally, wouldn't have it especially at such an early stage of pregnancy. I also don't think swine flu is as prevalent this year anyway (it wasnt in the southern hemisphere which is usually a pretty good indicator for us) and you may already be immune considering that it's been around for a couple of years now. Perhaps you could have a blood test to test your immunity? Also bear in mind that while there is an increased risk in pregnancy, the risk is still quite small. It's up to you to weigh up how you feel about it though. Good luck with your decision.

TheCountessOlenska Sun 06-Nov-11 13:47:35

I had it at about 15 weeks pregnant in 2009. Had a sore arm but otherwise fine. DD was/is fine.

Swine flu does seem to be more dangerous for pregnant women.

To me it seems the right thing to do.

ADVENT23DOG Sun 06-Nov-11 08:19:53

Hi Guys
Im new to this, I had my first baby in 2008 & I am currently only 5 weeks pregnant but have been offered the flu vaccine from my doctor. I cant decide whether or not to have it. I didnt acutally know anyone who had swine flu when it was really bad in 2009 or anyone who actually had flu.
Im just undecided whether to have the vaccine or not as when im pregnant my body seems to react to this it doesn`t normally ie, hair dye, fake tan, plasters just anything really.
Just a little worried of having a reaction when I didnt really need it done in the first place. Opinions please x

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