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Anyone know of private flu jabs in Northamptonshire for DD

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cecebloom Mon 12-Sep-11 15:59:40


again the govt have decided not to vaccinate children without any underlying medical conditions.

Does anyone know anywhere in Northamptonshire or nearby who are doing private seasonal jabs for 2.5yo and 4yo,.


mousymouse Mon 12-Sep-11 16:01:44

ask your GP, sometimes they do this privately.

mosschops30 Tue 13-Sep-11 21:10:22

Search google for private clinics and private GPs in your area, then give them a call.
I did this yesterday for ds1 and ds2 and they are on the system for vaccination in october.

bumbleymummy Sat 17-Sep-11 21:29:59

Why do you think a healthy child needs to be vaccinated against swine flu? Do you normally vaccinate against seasonal flu? I think swine flu has pretty much disappeared anyway - look up reports for the southern hemisphere which has just come out of its flu season. That might reassure you a bit.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 17-Sep-11 21:30:58

Probably the big Tescos and Asdas are doing it? They are in my area.

cecebloom Mon 03-Oct-11 21:33:55

Asda and tesco refuse for under 16's.

cant find any private gps in my area,

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 26-Oct-11 14:49:58

One in Nottingham if that any good just google it Regent Street cost me £50 each last year

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