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Pandremix linked to narcolepsy

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diyvspse Tue 06-Sep-11 22:34:44

Hot off the press:
European Medicines Agency recommends restricting use of Pandemrix

dikkertjedap Fri 13-May-11 10:05:02

I don't recall any cases reported anywhere except Scandinavia though? My family all had pandemrix and we did not have any of these effects. Also, there won't be a class action as the drug companies were given government protection from any action in exchange of bringing a vaccine quickly to market.

Gooseberrybushes Mon 09-May-11 00:06:33

I have heard this before, it's been around a while.

No harm bringing it to the fore again!

rainbowweaver Mon 09-May-11 00:03:03

I can predict some class actions in the not too distant future.... surely the things they made ppl sign are not binding...! smile

bubbleymummy Sun 08-May-11 19:27:17

Well I think I'd be a bit mean to say "I told you so" so I'll just say 'no comment' smile

rainbowweaver Sat 07-May-11 01:10:28

Your thoughts?

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