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14 weeks PG - MW and GP still offering seasonal flu vaccine... WWYD?

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Tamashii Thu 31-Mar-11 13:15:15

I am really worried about catching flu/swine flu when DS starts nursery in September and I will be about 8 months PG. DH says I should wait until the next seasonal flu vaccine is dished out as it will be for the upcoming flu outbreak which might be different to the ones covered by the 2010 seasonal flu vaccine. MW on the other hand is really recommending just getting it now as she has heard of some PG women getting quite ill with flu over the past 2 years in particular.

Not sure what to do. As my mate (who refused the vaccine) says "damned if you do, damned if you don't"...


ElsieR Fri 01-Apr-11 10:02:24

I would. What have you got to lose? What are you concerned about? If two health professionals advise it, I would not hesitate.

bubbleymummy Mon 04-Apr-11 22:33:04

Your DH is right. We are out of flu season and the flu vaccine for this winter coming may contain different strains depending on the dominant strains circulating - swine flu may not even be one of them! Enjoy your flu free summer and think about it again in September/October.

PeterWeg Sat 16-Apr-11 11:21:22

"- swine flu may not even be one of them! "
Not true, Swine Flu will keep coming back until everyone is immune. Just my personal opinion, but get the Swine flu specific jab its can be very nasty, especially if you are pregnant.

PeterWeg Sat 16-Apr-11 11:22:38

"Enjoy your flu free summer and think about it again in September/October."
You can get it in Summer, so whats the point of waiting?

bubbleymummy Tue 19-Apr-11 18:51:32

You're much less likely to get it in the summer Peter which is why we have 'flu season' and how do you know that most people haven't already had it?

What do you mean by 'swine flu specific jab'? Do you just mean the seasonal flu vaccine - because that is what it was included in for this last winter past.

Tamashii Mon 16-May-11 14:21:20

Hi again. I just wanted to add a little update. I left it too late to get the seasonal flu vaccine but they said I can get it again in September when they start to roll out the seasonal flu vaccine for this winter. I have NO idea what to do but will review things again and see how things are going with any reactions/contraindications of the vaccine on PG women at that time. I am so scared of getting Swine Flu that I think I will get it in September. I don't want to catch it and I also don't want to pass it to my baby or my family either so might just go for it and stop googling it all the time.

Thanks again for your comments and help with this. If only we could know for a fact that there are no side effects from the vaccine things would be a lot easier to decide.

bubbleymummy Sun 05-Jun-11 19:13:38

Tamashii - I think the official figures for the fatalities this past winter have been released and out of over 500 deaths only 9 were in pregnant women. I know each case is tragic but I thought the figures might reassure you because it is still quite a small risk - 9 deaths out of several thousand cases of swine flu in pregnant women. I think the media get a bit carried away with reporting and it seems to exaggerate the risk iykwim. Good luck with your decision in September.

Tamashii Wed 22-Jun-11 13:55:49

Thanks so much for the stats bubbleymummy
I know it is a personal decision and everything but DH has recently been reading up on what goes into the vaccine and he is worried about it crossing the placenta too. I personally know a few people who have had SF and also who have had a reaction to the SF vaccine allegedly although it may be the case they caught flu before the vaccine had a chance to take effect.

I am still undecided as to what decision to take - DH also thinks we all had SF the first time it reared it's ugly head. DS ended up on ventolin(sp?) and heavy antibiotics but they still did not send away to test for SF as it was around the time they stopped testing everyone. We were really ill too. The other issue is that my neice had SF vaccine the first time round (she was 2 at the time) and then caught SF last year so in her case it looks like it was ineffective. ARGH! I wish I knew what to do.

Thanks again smile

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