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Swine flu vaccine in Southampton

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dikkertjedap Tue 15-Mar-11 21:45:56

If you have them vaccinated on 19 March they will only have very partial protection initially as they will need two vaccinations four weeks apart and then it probably still needs a further two weeks or so before full immunity (although immunity is never 100 per cent especially not in children) is achieved. The only advantage of giving them the vaccine and booster now is that comes the next flu season (for which they probably need a slightly different jab) they only need one jab and do not need a booster to achieve maximum protection.

bubbleymummy Thu 10-Mar-11 18:56:06

Well we're out of flu season now and you don't know what the predominant strain is going to be next winter (might be a different vaccine) so I think it's a bit pointless really but it's your money! Also, 100 deaths in the grand scheme of flu is actually very very few (far fewer than seasonal flu) but again, if you want to spend your money on it it's your choice!

josjos Wed 09-Mar-11 21:17:43

There have been quite a few posts asking about where swine flu shots are available. For anyone that might be interested I am having my little boys vaccinated at a flu clinic (childrens Immunisaton Centre) in Southampton on 19th March. I think this is one of the latter clinics still available. For myself it is simply because my children will have a totally different lifestyle from April onwards in that they will start nursery and playgroups and so will suddenly be mixing with many more children- I think it is envitable that in this environment they will be exposed to more germs. Up to now ie for a year they have really been a home with just a few visits to the home, with very little exposure. As I understand it flu viruses just tick along at a low level in the general population,so after about 100 or so deaths from swine flu in the Uk annually (as I understand it -may be slightly out in the figures)- I would rather not take any chances and will have the PEACE OF MIND to feel they are protected, especially as autumn vaccination may be problematic as it may clash with other vaccinatons for my children.

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