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12 wks pregnant has anyone had the swine flu jab at this early stage

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JAB23 Thu 03-Feb-11 20:32:24

hi all,
im 12 wks and 4 days pregnant,i was booked in to have the swine flu jab today but bottled it at the last minute.i was sure that i wanted it from day one but after talking to many of my pregnant friends i wasnt so friend refused the jab and then went on 2 have a healthy baby,one friend wasnt offered it at all and is due in march,other friends have had it but at 20+ wks and feel fine another friend had it on her due date and has now had a healthy and my partner have mixed feelings about the jab of course we both want to protect our baby and ensure its as healthy as partner feels that its a risk either way and isnt comfortable with the idea of injecting something foreign into your body,even if the vaccination isnt a live one.i personally feel that 12wks is very early to have the vaccination but the nurse said that the jab is given at any time in your pregnancy and wouldnt be given if it wasnt safe.has anyone at 12wks had the jab and gone on to have a healthy baby?

bubbleymummy Thu 03-Feb-11 21:30:45

hi Jab, we're coming out of flu season now and the vaccine takes 2 weeks to work so there may not be any point in getting it at this stage. you can see the figures here

congratulations btw

Fosmum Mon 14-Feb-11 18:20:11

Hi Jab

I had it at 10 weeks last March and DD was born perfect in October. I worried about it a lot afterwards, but luckily touch wood there are no ill effects.

I have therefore been immune this year and although there is no evidence to support the theory hopefully DD has some protection. We think DH had it over Xmas - he was really ill for a week but neither of us got anything- however I was in a dettol wipe frenzy!

I intend to have her vaccinated this October if there is another outbreak as I have been so paranoid about her catching it this winter.

Congratulations x

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