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DH chemo and SF and me and SF :(

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I had Swine flu that started 2 weeks ago and im still feeling tired and coughing loads. DH is on chemo and started getting signs on the weekend, he was given taniflu which he has started.
I guess what Im asking is, apart from normal flu sign, what should i be looking for?
I have a heart condition.
Im still blowing yucky green snot, sorry tmi blush



mrshuxley Tue 01-Feb-11 21:14:44

Bumping for you, Lisa. Not sure myself quite what info you want? signs of swine flu?

beachholiday Tue 01-Feb-11 21:14:49

Didnt want to leave you unanswered but I dont really understand the question!

Do you mean what are the symptoms of swine flu, as ooposed to "normal flu."?

no what are the "extra" things I should be looking for?

beachholiday Tue 01-Feb-11 22:15:17

Im sorry Lisad it might be that Im tired or because I'm fluey myself but I dont understand the question then.

I think maybe people didnt respond to your OP as its not clear what info you are looking for.

It might be worth giving your GP a ring or the consultants that both of you are under, and asking them if there are any particular symptoms to watch for in either of your conditions, that should lead you to get medical help?

maybe not making much sense at all. I guess the signs of flu are ok, but Im just worrying, maybe another sign will come up that means he or I need further help but might just pass it off as normal flu signs.

pushmepullyou Tue 01-Feb-11 22:31:42

Hi Lisa

I've looked into this a bit because of my BIL. I'm not sure from a heart condition perspective, but I would think increased breathlessness etc are probably the main signs to look out for (it's what my mum has to be aware of and she has a mild heart condition).

As far as your DH is concerned the main risks are probably from secondary infections, so any sudden rise in temperature, particularly if his temperature has previously returned to or near normal, or worsening of symptoms.

Whereabouts in his cycle is your DH at the moment? My BIL is definitely most vulnerable to infection in the week folowing treatment when his white count is lowest. Your DH is on a new treatment isn't he? Hope it's going well

he has been on treatment for nearly 2 years now but on this new chemo for 5 months. He has it daily so not really a cycle.

Guess I found out, his been coughing up blood so off to hospital

ChunkyBrewster Wed 02-Feb-11 13:39:20

Hope he gets well soon Lisa and that you do too xx

mrshuxley Wed 02-Feb-11 15:28:37

Sorry to hear that, Lisa. sad Speedy recovery to you both.

SpawnChorus Wed 02-Feb-11 15:30:55

Erk! Hope you both get better soon!

pushmepullyou Wed 02-Feb-11 21:22:56

Oh no, hope he's OK sad. And that you are too of course.

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