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i have swine flu, dd might have had it, so what do i do now

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piratecat Sun 23-Jan-11 18:30:28

she was ill suddenly last week fever, bad cough sore throat. took her gp frid who gave anti biotics, but only based on her inflammed throat. this passed quickly. dd always gets colds and stuff fast, ie fever suddenly so i thought nothing of it.

I got ill very fast friday evening, and saw out of hours doc in another town yesterday. who said deffo swine flu, as my shortness of breath was something he'd seen lots of in swine flu. i was shocked but ok. i now know form googling it can be fairly mild or quite bad, and the doc i saw siad it was most liekly dd had had it.

but now what do i do, she is still coughing, the aches and fever have gone but when is she allowed back to school? assuming she may well have had it. i am confused. i know nowt about it. i know a woman younger than me died in my town last week from pneumonia last week after getting flu, so i am a bit concerned about exposure for dd to other kids and them to her. also doctor said the cough can go on for weeks, so surely she can't stay home. tia x

piratecat Sun 23-Jan-11 18:39:34


piratecat Sun 23-Jan-11 19:18:12


AspieDad Sun 23-Jan-11 20:35:55

Our family had it during our summer holidays 2 years ago and the wife is just getting over it again.

I'm not a Dr but there is no way in hell I'm ever taking Tamiflu again. Yes it helps with they symptoms of swine flu but we both seemed to get every bug going that year. I didn't feel myself for nearly 6 months.

If she is having breathing difficulties then take her to Dr straight away. The worst part of swine flu is the shortness of breath. I found this lead to a banging head-ache.

I would look to keep her off school for another week. I'm willing to bet that she will seem perked up in the morning but gets very tired in the afternoon. If you are worried about missed schooling have a word with her teachers and find out if there is anything that she can do during the day.

If you send her back too early she'll just get over-tired and it will take longer for her to get fully fit.

piratecat Sun 23-Jan-11 21:12:25

thankyou. i am having the shortness of breath, but lungs are clear.

she has a dry hacking cough, much like the ones she has had when ill most of her life. she was asthmatic and had night coughing for about 2years between ages 1-3. she is 8 now.

it's bloody dismal here right now, i have not even enough physical strength to do mhy own coughing let alone help her or comfort her. my lungs back sides everything hurt when i cough so much.

Jammygal Sun 23-Jan-11 22:14:32

I would keep her out of school as you may find it suddenly rears it's ugly head and her temp goes up again if you try to do too much!
Take it easy as it is the bit after when you can get complications.....let her rest and make sure she is truly over it when you send her back other wise she will pick up something else as her system will be low ;)

piratecat Mon 24-Jan-11 10:00:59


her cough is terrible, worsened. i am still ina daze, my cough is the same, am keeping an eye on what the mucus is like. scary.

friend rang school, they don't have any protocols. i worry dd could still get swine flu form me. thinking back i don't think she had it last week, well not like i am. but who knows.

bubbleymummy Mon 24-Jan-11 20:47:06

she may have had a milder versionof it. Hope you both feel better soon. Manuka honey is great for coughs and sore throats (10 or 15+) and you can get it from tesco/ sainsbury's and have it delivered if you do an online shop!

piratecat Mon 24-Jan-11 22:59:01


can't sleep, bloody breathing is so shallow with this flu.

i get scared it will develop into pneumonia. i know the chances are slim. but still. i think i am just exhausted and so woozy.

Elibean Tue 25-Jan-11 09:39:06

Just to say ((piratecat)) hope you're feeling a little better today. Being on your own when ill at night is horrid, all the fears can really get a hold...but if you still feel that rough today, don't hesitate to call the doctor: you're entitled to peace of mind and some reassurance.

Hope dd's cough improves - its possible that flu can re-trigger asthma from years ago, so she might benefit from an inhaler now if she no longer has one?

Get well, both of youxx

piratecat Tue 25-Jan-11 10:54:02

hi elibean, thanks xx

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