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Shall I give DS Tamiflu or not????

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Icoulddoitbetter Fri 21-Jan-11 18:36:16

Hi all,

Will post here, chat and child health to get the most traffic.

DS who is 15 months has had a raised temp since tue eve, spiked at about 40. We took him to the out of hours doc wed eve who said it was a virus, just give him nurofen / calpol. Since then his temp has gone up and down. He has a cold, runny nose etc, and a cough. He goes through perky then miserable phases, and has not been sleeping well. Today his temp was fine this morning. It was 38.5 at 3pm when he woke from his nap, so I gave him Calpol. It's normal now. Today he has not really had a "miserable" stage since he got up, he's just off his food and still a bit sleepy but he's generally quite happy again. Still very snotty, and has a lovely big viral rash poor mite.

Saw GP at 5pm for a review. He said that DS fits the criteria for swine flu so has given me a Tamiflu perscription. He said there is a good chance it's not SF, but it could be, and today is the last day that Tamiflu would be effective. After this if he gets worse the best they could do would be supportive measures.

The GP has left the decision to me as to whether to give DS the TF or not. There is a good chance TF will make him unwell, and he is objectively looking better, but I really don't know what to do. If it is SF and we decide to wait and see and he suddenly gets ill, we're stuffed re: treatment. If it's not, we may make him sick for 5 days with no reason.

DH is not home yet. Once he's home I'm going to get the pills and then we can make a final decision.

Anyone got experience of giving their dc's TF or taking it themselves? I'm so torn. What do we do???????????????

Oh and he has no underlying health consitions.

Elibean Fri 21-Jan-11 18:42:38

I err on the side of caution as a rule, but to be honest I would not give it in this situation. It works best given earlier on, plus your ds doesn't sound all that ill - especially today. dd2 has just had high temps for five days, spiking up and down, but on the third day it had phases of being normal - and she's ended up with a cold/cough like any other virus. There's a LOT of those kind of viruses around - yes, very hard to tell whats SF and what isn't, but if the temp came down ok with nurofen/calpol I wouldn't be worried enough to give Tamiflu.

Hope he's better soon, whatever you decide!

dikkertjedap Fri 21-Jan-11 18:43:52

Tamiflu needs to be taken ideally within 24 hours of onset of symptoms, but at the latest within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. This is because it changes the cell structure so that the virus cannot spread and hence dies out (virus can only live in cells). So by changing the cell structure the virus cannot spread any further and hence will die. However, if you have waited too long there is already so much virus spread so widely that it will no longer work. In relation to side effects, in 2009 my DH, DD and I took tamiflu, none of us got major side effects although dd hated the taste and I did have some headache (but bearable).

whomovedmychocolate Fri 21-Jan-11 18:45:02

It's too late. He'll be better by Sunday. Hope you don't get it.

lucybrad Fri 21-Jan-11 21:38:51

my son had it but it was too late to take effect. He was ill anyway so couldnt tell if the tamiflu had any side effects.

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