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5 weeks pregnant, can I get a flu jab?

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chelstonmum Thu 20-Jan-11 15:00:32

Hi, I am newly pregnant and wondering when I am entitled to have the swine flu immunisation? I had flu before chritmas, as did my son and sister, I am now worried my husband or daughter take it and I am at risk. Any help greatly appreciated. x

whomovedmychocolate Thu 20-Jan-11 15:06:17

Not till the second trimester I believe. And flu season is pretty much over now anyway.

I would get it later in the year when the new batch is released (September) if I were you.

bubbleymummy Thu 20-Jan-11 17:01:15

what wmmc said

bubbleymummy Thu 20-Jan-11 17:01:35

congratulations btw!

chelstonmum Sat 22-Jan-11 17:05:06


Idlewild Sun 23-Jan-11 23:14:41

You can have it in the first trimester. It's licensed for any stage of pregnancy. I had it when I was 5 weeks pg in November 2009. Wasn't too sure but GP persuaded me as my town was really badly hit by the first wave of swine flu (though I'm not otherwise high risk). I felt a bit dodgy for half a day then delivered a whopping nearly 9lb baby 8 months later. Best to ask your GP whether it's worth you getting it now.

chelstonmum Wed 26-Jan-11 22:52:30

I had the GP this morning and he suggested the flu jab before I got around to asking him. When I asked about safety in first trimester he assured me all was fine and that I was far better with it than without as 'flu season' is not what it used to be and with small kids and another on the way I fall into a high risk grouping. Thanks again.

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