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concerned over safety of flu vaccine?

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MsPaintbrush Thu 20-Jan-11 11:03:40

Does anyone wish to give their child the seasonal flu vaccine but have concerns over it's safety/ effects on the body, in either the long or short term?

MsPaintbrush Sun 23-Jan-11 14:31:49

I think this seasons flu vacine has less 'nasties' in than the previous swine flu vaccine, but I do have concerns over formaldehyde and polysorbate 80. When you look these chemicals up they have some very unpleasant effects on the body ( cancer/female infertility). One does is not neccessarily going to cause a long term problem but who really knows. Also young children need 2 doses and if they have it again next autumn that would be 3. There is then more of an accumilative risk on the body. From what I've read ther have been many people experiencing unpleasant reactions to the flu vaccine. I was always offered the regular flu vaccine as a young adult (asthma) but never had it as people seemed to feel pretty lousy after and that's without any media hype. I'm not against vaccines at all but feel caution is needed.

Anouskaa Mon 24-Jan-11 09:54:42

I had the flu jab about 8 days ago and was fine for the first 2 days but since have been very unwell. I have an atopic immune system which means I am extremely sensitive to any foregin bodies in my system and at the time of the jab had the left overs of a chest infection. The jab has really affected my immune system and I've experienced a lot of muscle shakiness, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath and generally feeling like my nervous system is not functioning properly. I am in the at risk group but was not notified by my GP to get the jab at the start of the winter. I deliberated for about a week as to whether to have it or not and did extenisve research until I was satisfied it was better to have the jab. However after having had a week of anxiety attacks and shortnes of breath I am not entirely sure I would have it again as my system does not seem to be able to cope with it. I am not sure if the reaction to the jab correlates to the reaction to real swine flu and if so then I feel it probably was best as if this is how I respond to the jab how would I respond to the actual virus! But I really hope that I return to normal soon!

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