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Only giving a half dose?

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pantspantspants Wed 19-Jan-11 21:02:39

My DD1 (3 years) and DD2 (20months) had there vaccines today but DD2 only got a half dose while DD1 had the whole dose. Is this right? weight wise there isn't much in it between the two of them, so I'm a little confused why they did this. DD2 has had alot of health problems while DD1 is very healthy, so I would have thought it was DD2 that needed a full dose if anything.

Anyone have this happen with your DC?

twirlymum Wed 19-Jan-11 21:22:50

My ten year old DD (asthmatic) was given a half dose last week, and has to go back in three weeks for the other half.
I didn't question it to be honest, I just assumed that was what happened with children blush

Sirzy Wed 19-Jan-11 21:37:19

Ds is 14 months and had half last week and the other half in 2 weeks thats the way it's supposed to be done in children (under 13 I think)

butterflymum Wed 19-Jan-11 21:58:29

Dosage for Trivalent Seasonal Flu Vaccine:

Children aged 6-35 months
Not Enzira vaccine
0.25ml or 0.5ml (depending on the
manufacturer’s SPC, repeated 4-6
weeks later if receiving influenza
vaccine for the first time)

Children aged 3-12 years
Not Enzira vaccine for under 5s
0.5ml (repeated 4-6 weeks later if
receiving influenza vaccine for the first

Adults and children aged 13 years and over A single injection of 0.5ml

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Jan-11 18:43:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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