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To lie about age in order to get asthmatic DD swine flu vaccine

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ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo Tue 18-Jan-11 11:42:23

tehy will ask you to confirm her DOB at the appointment and the nurse will likely have her DOB infront of her. if you even get that far. they will probably ring you as soon as they check and tell you not to come.

pulsars Tue 18-Jan-11 11:40:41

They'll check.

missorinoco Tue 18-Jan-11 10:53:11

Suspect they will check her records.

jinglebelly Tue 18-Jan-11 10:52:05

I would say yes too

TheFoosa Tue 18-Jan-11 10:43:17

won't they check her records?

lucybrad Tue 18-Jan-11 10:33:48

If you can get away with I say yes!

wintersnow Tue 18-Jan-11 10:09:36

DD has asthma and is in the at risk catergory for swine flu. Our GP's surgery has run out of vaccine and now has a long waiting list and admitted she might not get it at all and suggested we go privately. The private hospital nearby is offering it to over 3's but my DD is 2 years 7 months. It is the same vaccine that the doctor would administer to her, the only reason they won't give it to under 3's is because the nurse isn't licenced to administer it to under 3's - it was under 4's but they changed their policy last week.

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