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flu vaccination

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alypaly Sun 16-Jan-11 18:22:12

DS2 had a flu jab at 11am on sat morning and by 5pm he had developed optic neuritis. Coincidence or not. Ended up at eye hospital as his vision started to deteriorate.

has this happened to anyone else.
feel really bad as i gave him the letter from the doc as he is in the at risk category.

i cant take much more stress...feel like im going to crack up

alypaly Tue 25-Jan-11 00:05:47

just had it confirmed at the eye hospital that the flu jab has had cases of optic neuritis associated with it so i dont think DS2 will want it again as it aected his vision. hoping it is temporary.

bubbleymummy Tue 25-Jan-11 11:27:00

How scary aly is his sight any better today?

alypaly Tue 25-Jan-11 23:08:15

his vision has improved a bit but it has made me really wary of jumping into having all these flu and pneumonia jabs. I didnt realise it was common knowledge amongst eye specialists.

I felt terrible as i gave him the letter from his surgery to advise him to have it.
Im hoping it will go completely, but i am worried it will cause some damage or even a problem if he gets a bad cold virus.

alypaly Fri 28-Jan-11 17:26:56

vision back to normal...but still quite scary

Jammygal Fri 28-Jan-11 19:15:42

poor you aly glad ds is on the mend.....x

alypaly Sun 30-Jan-11 18:56:31

thanks hell of a relief

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