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How much protection after first dose flu vaccine

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westbaymummy Sat 15-Jan-11 16:33:24

My two year old DD had her first dose of flu vaccine this week, she hasn't had any flu or swine flu vaccinations before.
Does anyone know if she will have any protection until she has the second dose?

wizardora Sun 16-Jan-11 11:34:51

Apparently after 1 dose children have 36% protection whereas adults have around 85% smile

westbaymummy Sun 16-Jan-11 14:50:38

Thanks Wizardora, that's really helpful.

butterflymum Sun 16-Jan-11 18:18:37

Although an old link, and based on American guidelines (ie refers to 2nd dose for under 10yrs rather than under 11yrs as in UK), the following link (covering last years swine flu only vaccination but also mentioning seasonal flu vaccination) may help explain the '2nd dose' too:

Questions and Answers

in particular the part:

"After 1 dose of vaccine, infants and young children do not make as many antibodies compared with older children and adults who get 1 dose.

In addition, effectiveness of seasonal flu vaccine is much less for young children who have never been vaccinated before and only get 1 dose, compared with young children who have never been vaccinated before and get 2 doses.

Persons who have some antibody from previous vaccination or exposure to infection with another related flu strain will have much greater increases in antibody to flu vaccines. "

butterflymum Sun 16-Jan-11 18:19:35

oops, meant rather than under 13yrs* not under 11yrs as stated above.

westbaymummy Sun 16-Jan-11 23:26:46

Thank you Butterflymum, that's brilliant information. I did try searching before I posted my question but my googling skills need help!

I am relieved that DD will have some if not full protection after her first dose and now just have to hope that the vaccine will be available when she is due her second dose.

dibbydobby Sun 23-Jan-11 09:37:19

On this same topic, does anyone know how many doses a three year old would need if they had the vaccine a year ago?

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