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Please Help to Secure Flu Jabs for Everyone

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Freddy01 Sat 15-Jan-11 11:14:17


Please help by adding your agreement to this thread.

If we get enough people petitioning for the Swine Flu jab for everyone then the Government and NHS may do something about it but we have to try as I am beside myself with worry for my 7 year old. Here is my story so far.

Wednesay 12 January 2011 - I phoned my GP and neither my husband, my 7 year old daughter or myself are in the at risk category meaning we are not diabetic, asthmatic, pregnant or have any underlying health issues. They said that Asda and Boots were dispensing the flue jabs which contain the swin flu jab now.

Thursday 13 January 2011 - I phoned Asda in Derby Spondon and they are all sold out and not going to be getting anymore because they can't get hold of any vaccines and have no one at Asda Spondon to adminster them. They said they would only vaccine over 16 year olds because they are not licensed to vaccinate children under 16 years.

Friday 14 January 2011 - Phoned Asda Sinfin and they are all sold out and have tried to get the vaccines for 3 weeks and still trying. However, they are not vaccinating any children under 16 at the Pharmacies because they are not licensed to. Phoned Boots have sold out nationwide and cannot get hold of any.

I have told Asda and Boots that Glaxo Smithkline stated on ceefax and in the media last weekend that they had 13 million stockpile that would be available to GPS etc to order on Monday morning (that being 10 January).

Friday 14 January 2011 - phoned my GP in despair and asked yet again if they could help. They said Morrisons said that they had some left.

Friday 14 January 2011 - phoned Morrisons they had 10 left so booked myself and my husband in for vaccine. However, they are not vaccinating any children under 16 at the Pharmacies because they are not licensed to. They will dispense over the counter if you have a prescription for your child.

Friday 14 January 2011 - phoned my GP they said that the nurse will adminster the jab to my 7 year old but we would have to buy it from the pharmacy. When I said that the pharmacy said I would need a prescription from my GP they said we do not issue prescriptions for Flu Jabs. So I am stuck.

Friday 14 January 2011 - phoned Morrisons again and told them that GP would not give me a prescription as they do not give prescriptions for flu jab. Morrisons said that a lady bought in a prescription that morning for her 14 year old and they dispensed the flu jab to her to take to the doctors to have it administered. They said that the GPs are licensed to give out prescriptions for whatever drugs and vaccines they feel fit to prescribed so its the GP's choice.

Friday 14 January 2011 - after work I go to my doctors to see what they have to say to my face. The called the practice nurse and asked me to wait. Whilst waiting I broke down and had a panic attack which I have been having for the last three days. The Receptionist at the surgery gave me a number for the Public Health PCT who I am calling on Monday.

Everyone at Asda, Boots and Morrisons and my Doctors say that they agree with me and that the vaccine should be eligable for everyone. They even want to get their kids and theirselves vaccinated but can't.

I think it is disgraceful that we are being dictated to in a democratic society by the World Health Organisation, NHS and Government that we cannot protect our family even if we wish to pay for it. I'm all for paying for it but I can't get my daughter vaccinated!!!!

I think that all the Supermarket pharmacies, clinics, NHS, GPS, the pharmaceautical company who makes the vaccine and the government should get together quickly round a table have a discussion and make these available to everyone from 0 - 100 plus, either via the NHS for those who can't afford to pay and those who can pay via clinics and pharmacies.

Get rid of this red tape rubbish that is obviously killing people and ensure that everyone gets vaccinated.

They shouldn't play GOD with peoples lives.

I'm ashamed to be British right now. I feel let down by the NHS, Pharmacies and Government.

These organisations are seriously failing the British public who are trying to protect themselves and their children.

Shame on you Mr Cameron and your Government. I'll make sure I won't vote for you or Liberal Democrats next time. You are all the same say you are going to do something and then let us all down.

Now I feel the public and media should stand up and fight this and get the vaccine for everyone.

Please help by registering your vote and opionion on this thread and then Mumsnet will hopefully take this to the Government and lobby for this. But we need this quickly for everyones sake.

Thank you for reading my plight but the fight is not over yet!!! I'll keep you posted what the PCT Public Health have to say on Monday.

PassionKiss Sat 15-Jan-11 13:16:49

Hmmm - well I wish I could get my 8 month old vaccinated just for my own peace of mind but I am reluctantly prepared to accept official Government advice on this having read (a lot!) on the subject.

The jab takes around 2 weeks to be fully effective and experts believe that the flu season is now peaking/about to peak - so your child will not be protected at the height of this epidemic.

I'm sorry that you are having panic attacks about this - there is a lot of information about numbers on the BBC website that you may find reassuring. Statistically it's very unlikely that your seven year old will come to any harm.

I agree that the jab should be available to anyone who wants it (as in the US) - I understand that they are reviewing this for next winter.

I do feel that the Government has mis-handled the issue this year but on the other hand it really is being blown out of all proportion by the media (irresponsibly to my mind). I have been very worried too so I sympathise!

Good luck on Monday.

SammEC Sat 15-Jan-11 13:38:32

I STRONGLY agree with everything you say Freddy01, I too know that it is unlikely that myself or my family get swine flu, however that is what i thought about having an ectopic pregnancy and burst appendix, yet i have had them both, statistics are a pile of poo, every person is a statistic and the risk is still there. I have been lucky enough to get all of us done my DH gets the jab as he has asthma, my DS is 2 so all i could get him was the swine flu jab, and I got myslef and my DD 16 done at the supermarket, I know now that i have done all i can, but i also know that they arnt covered for a bout 2 weeks so i will be limiting the contact we have with people where i can.

Hopefully next year the government will be doing the right thing, I know I will be getting all the family done privately at the beginning of the flu season this year!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 15-Jan-11 16:06:19

Problem is, flu vaccine has to be ordered months in advance and manufacturers are busy making it for the upcoming 'down under' season now. So if it has run out it has run out. I guess remaining stocks ought to be very tightly targeted.

Sirzy Sat 15-Jan-11 16:14:42

If everyone at risk had had it then open it up to others but until then keep it as it is.

Perhaps if more parents of under 5s had taken up the offer last year more vaccine would have been ordered this year and we wouldnt have a problem

wannaBe Sat 15-Jan-11 16:24:09

you need to chill. You haven't got swine flu, your child has not got swine flu, your husband has not got swine flu, and even if you get it the chances of dying from it are extremely remote. Only 104 people have died of swine flu so far this season. And it is interesting to note that of those seven had had the vaccination, which doesn't actually indicate that the vaccination is all that effective anyway. Compare that to the upwards of 10000 deaths we get from normal seasonal flu every year and the hype and scaremongering from the media is really unnecessary.

And what exactly would you suggest should be stopped in order for the nhs to be able to afford to vaccinate 60 million people?

mass vaccination is not a viable suggestion and is, in fact, completely unnecessary.

And having panic attacks over it is totally disproportionate. Might I gently suggest that you get a grip.

Lulumaam Sat 15-Jan-11 16:27:36

I agree with wannabe

the reason the vaccine , same as teh regular flu jab is not offered to everyone, is that some people have a much higher need ofr one

you say you and your family are not in a high risk category but you want the vaccine.. possibly depriving someone else in the high risk category of their vaccine

I don't wish to add my name in support of this, as I do not think it is a viable suggestion or indeed necessary

did you kick this fuss up about the regular flu jab? people die of seasonal flu every year and have done for a long time

sarah293 Sat 15-Jan-11 16:30:05

Message withdrawn

TheFoosa Sat 15-Jan-11 16:30:28

hmm, I think people are worrying because a lot of the people dying from swine flu are healthy and not in the usual age groups for flu

but I agree, try not to obsess about it smile

wannaBe Sat 15-Jan-11 16:35:09

no, very few people that are dying are healthy. Most have underlying health conditions. Seven had had the vaccination which in itself is not a good indication of its effectiveness. Only eight of the deceased were children which totally blows out of the water the argument for getting all under 5s vaccinated, in fact the most "at risk" group is considered to be those between 45/60.

But even so the number of deaths is way, way down on the seasonal norm.

Lulumaam Sat 15-Jan-11 16:37:14

I'd be interested where the OP thikns the money for all the extra vaccine would come from and extra clinics and HCPs to administer it and so on.....

joe3 Sat 15-Jan-11 17:43:17

I fully agree with Freedy01,and I think vaccines should be avaliable to all(healthy children and adults)if they want it,through the nhs or atleast through the highstreet pharmacies.

jellybeans Sat 15-Jan-11 18:47:06

I am not sure. It doesn't seem fair that people who can afford, and are able, to source it privately can travel to get it, yet others cannot. So, in that sense perhaps it should be available to everyone if they want it.

Also, I read somewhere that one of the childhood vaccinations was preventing a disease which didn't kill that many per year. So 8 deaths may be as much as that. 8 deaths of children, though, is tragic. If more deaths can be prevented then I am all for vaccination. I think alot more people would come forward this time personally.

TeaOneSugar Sat 15-Jan-11 18:54:19

The NHS funding gap = rationing of services for those at greatest need.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 15-Jan-11 18:56:18

There was a thread about this yesterday where I was pretty roundly stamped on for suggesting this vaccination should be available if we want it or at least for those under 16.

I will say, though, that I had DD(3) vaccinated last year and asked our Practice Nurse if this would mean she would be protected this year or if she would need seasonal vaccinations as per normal flu jab. The nurse said she and the doctors had been discussing this. They actually don't know as it's such a new vaccine. This concerns me slightly as I'd rather hoped that there was some understanding of the longevity of the vaccine, etc.

I've no idea if this is possible but have you tried private GPs in your area and/or BUPA? Don't know if either could help you but if you are happy to pay they may be able to point you in the right direction.

TeaOneSugar Sat 15-Jan-11 18:57:31

The PCT Public Health department will tell you that if you aren't in an "at risk" group you don't need a flu jab, their advice will always be in line with their PCT/national policy.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 15-Jan-11 19:06:01

Umm OP my asthmatic steroid inhaler dependent DS can't get the jab because it's run out. How do you think I'm going to react to the 'me, me, me' argument you are proposing? angry

I think you need some help for your panic attacks they sound as though they are very debilitating.

MainlyMaynie Sat 15-Jan-11 19:10:17

There isn't enough flu vaccine available for everyone this year. If there was, the government would be buying it, as they have already tried to do. You can campaign all you like, but that won't change those facts.

I don't you and your children who aren't in risk groups need it more than people in the at risk groups who haven't had it yet. TBH, I think you are getting over-anxious about it.

As experts have analysed the risk and decided the groups that need it, I think it would be unreasonable for scare NHS resources to used on offering it to everyone next year. As long as the risks are thoroughly reviewed and the categories revised if necessary (i.e. if there is more risk to children, then expand the risk groups to include them), then that is the maximum the NHS should do. I think we can safely assume given the high demand this year,places like Boots will order a lot more next year and that people who don't need it but still want the reassurance will be able to get it there.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 15-Jan-11 19:13:01

Can anyone confirm why under 5s were considered "at risk" last year but not this?

I'm not trying to be contentious (it just comes naturally grin), just wondering.

Sirzy Sat 15-Jan-11 19:17:42 /Seasonal-Flu/Why-isnt-the-seasonal-flu-vaccinatio n-being-offered-to-all-under-5s-this-year.aspx

According to that it is because a lot have already got some immunity.

The lack of reported severe cases so far touch wood in children would back that up to. Thankfully only a small amount of the deaths have been in under 5s.

I also wonder if the poor uptake from parents of under 5s last year influenced the decision.

BelleDameSansMerci Sat 15-Jan-11 19:30:12

Wow, that was quick Sirzy! I wondered that too...

longlife Sat 15-Jan-11 20:07:33

I think that it should be offered if that's what parents want. I had my son vaccinated last January and understand that the swine flu vaccine should give immunity for at least 2 years. The government could have ordered enough vaccine so there's no point in blaming pharmacies for the shortages. Some GPS didn't offer the vaccine to pregnant women because they said they didn't know that they could have the seasonal vaccine as they aren't normally in the at risk group. Me and my husband paid for the jab as we were both nervous about getting ill and not being able to look after Tobias. In Southern Ireland you can e vaccinated if you pay which is normal as part of their Health System

PocketMouse Sat 15-Jan-11 20:09:46

I really don't understand why some GP's are offering the vaccine to under 5's as an 'at risk' group, and others aren't!

but yes, it should be available. Perhaps it's media perception, but it seems a lot worse this year.

Herecomesthesciencebint Sat 15-Jan-11 20:15:02

Im with wannabe

why the hysteria over this vs any other communicable disease? And Im not being rude honestly Im not but you need to understand you are being petitioned by the media. There is a risk to you and yours. but you have that risk from lots of other sources and honestly this one is on its way out.

stay calm and pls dont get anxious over hype that is in all honesty there to boost news figueres at present.

Im not convinced the g'ment was right to reduce prophylaxis or advertising this year but it is as it is and in mid jan we are honestly over the peak so conserve your emotional energy and pls dont feel unduly concerned.

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