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mmr and flu jabs two weeks apart

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jussi Fri 14-Jan-11 19:35:57

does anyone know if it is oaky to have these jabs so close together. been told okay but have also heard should be staggered by a month.
what do you think?

jussi Fri 14-Jan-11 19:37:38

its for my 14 month old and 3 year old by the way.both had mmr and mmr booster 2 weeks ago and got flu jab booked for tomorrow.

highlystrung Sun 16-Jan-11 11:05:00

I'm wondering the same thing. DD got flu booster in a weeks time and MMR two weeks after that. Doctor told me was fine as flu not a live vaccine, nurse said a month and then said two weeks after I said what doctor had said. Aargh!! Think I might go half way and delay MMR by another week to three weeks (dD will be nearly 15 months by then).

onimolap Sun 16-Jan-11 11:10:30

As long as you do get the MMR, a few weeks' delay is highly unlikely to matter at all.

Sirzy Sun 16-Jan-11 13:41:52

From what I can tell it's fine. Ds is 14 months and had his flu jab last week, in 3 weeks he is having his 12 month jabs, 3 weeks later flu part 2 then 3 weeks later mmr!

The nurse said he could have flu and 12 month together and then other flu and mmr together but a slight gap would be better

Bobbiesmum Tue 18-Jan-11 22:10:33

My son just had both today, high fever now though.....

BagPuss71 Thu 20-Jan-11 18:12:42

My DD had swine flu jab and MMR jab about 12months ago. I was told to do swine flu jab first and leave 4 weeks before doing the MMR. This is what I did and she was fine, no reaction to either.

Bobbiesmum Thu 20-Jan-11 22:16:57

Oops sorry we had hib/men c and swine flu. Still high temp though ....

KerryMumbles Thu 20-Jan-11 22:23:44

i wouldn't do it for a million pounds...

bubbleymummy Thu 20-Jan-11 23:23:53

I'm with you Kerry. I wonder how many safety studies have been done into this combination of vaccines. hmm my guess is zero.

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