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Student Nurse Assignment

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pinkichiban Thu 20-Jan-11 08:06:26

Hi, thank you all for replying. I couldn't use this in my assignment , deadlines! but nevertheless this is very useful for me to take in for discussion in class. I haven't fully read yet, and will do today and tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for taking the time.


Fayzal Fri 14-Jan-11 09:39:21

Hi Emma,

Sorry to keep going but I'm keeping my eye on the swine flu posts at the moment and saw this one today that if you're still looking as lots of opinions on it.

swine flu situation for under 5s worrying me BUT NO vaccine available for them.

sneezecakesmum Thu 13-Jan-11 20:58:03

Am completely at a loss as to why DGS (2) with cerebral palsy wasnt invited for a flu jab.
DD, her DH, me (all in NHS) offered jab - no takers blush
DD got big time swine flu, DGS and her DH snotty noses! whats that all about!
PS I went off when DD was afflicted and GP jabbed me! DD jabbed after horse bolted! What a farce!
Next autumn we will form an orderly queue.

Fayzal Thu 13-Jan-11 19:58:37

I definitly agree with Cecebloom with the conflicting advice. I took my baby for her normal jabs today and the nurse who gave it to her said my son needed the seasonal flu jab and the swine flu jab which apparently is what they are now being advised from Government but the nurse who gave my son his jab just yesterday said nothing about that at all. Apparently my GP (Manager in the same practice) is happy to give all children the jab if parents want it but the nurses and reception staff are not allowing it! It's all so crazy and the media are just making everyone panic! I know I am panicing about my baby as she's too young for the jab.

cecebloom Thu 13-Jan-11 16:56:34

Oh and meant to put on the bottom that the conflicting information between NHS staff is also a nightmare (no offence) but my nurse at the surgery told me that my girls were covered as they had last years swine flu jab but a nurse friend told me this was rubbish and I rang NHS direct who confirmed that the girls MAY be covered if I am lucky but they are working on the premise that last years swine flu jab has optimum effectiveness for 6 months,

I was under the understanding that it was like the childhood immunisations in that once they had swine flu jab it lasted them for life

how wrong

cecebloom Thu 13-Jan-11 14:16:07

Emma, sorry for lateness in reply but hope to help

Like all other parents on here I am absolutely appauled at the lack of information given by the government this year, last year we were given ample information and the adverts on the TV raised public awareness of the "pandemic"

This year they have suddenly decided that the children are not at risk and therefore do not need a vaccination unless they fall in the at risk group. What has changed since last year? Certainly not the H1N1 virus so why the massive change in who should be vaccinated. (the scottish and welsh government/health authorities seem to have got it right)

I have had an absolute nightmare trying to get the vaccine for my children as they do not fall in the at risk groups, I do not wish to sound like an overprotective mother but I feel that freedom of choice is paramount in a diplomatic society and think that if money is an issue then anyone who wants their child vaccinating then they should have the choice to pay a small fee for this - not be told that they cannot have it done at all.

It also appears on these boards that there has been something of a postcode lottery with some health authorities or even surgeries making the choice to vaccinate all under 5's regardless.

And to have senior doctors coming out of the press saying that the "worried well" are using up all the vaccines needed for the at risk is slightly rubbing salt in the wound and they perhaps need to re-assess their bedside manners.

hope this rant helps

Alwaysoverthinking Thu 13-Jan-11 13:49:15

Hi,I've just logged on for the first time in a few days as well.

I think the current promotion re children and flu has been unsuccessful.

In fact, a complete farce.

My OH is diabetic and asthmatic and as such received flu vacc. Myself & 2 dcs healthy but wanted to have us vaccinated anyway. DD (4 next month) got swine flu vacc last year. No-one can clarify properly if she needs seasonal flu vacc. this year (I am mainly concerned with swine flu, if she is still covered for that wouldn't bother getting her done again)
Have had a nightmare of a time getting doc to write me a private prescription for kids. Still not resolved, have prescriptions now but pharmacist wants clarification on which vaccination to give (don't think the doc has specified the brand or dosage) Anyway, to sum up, have been all around the houses with it, promotion has been awful!

Fayzal Thu 13-Jan-11 09:30:32

Hi Emma, I know I'm later than your 48hour period but I felt bad that no one had replied to you and I've only just logged on for the first time in about 6 months!

So my opinions on the promotion of this years flu jab for children -
I have been shunted from pillar to post by my surgery whenever I have asked about having my 2yr old done. He was prescribed inhalers as a baby but only ever needs them if he gets a bad cold, he's not technically Asthmatic but given that he gets into trouble when he's ill then in my mind he needs protection from getting ill. But I've had strong words with about four different people now saying he cannot have it. He did finally get it yesterday but not after a bit of a fight!

I cannot believe that they have not deemed young children high risk and that it doesn't seem too important to the powers that be if they get ill, and in that poor girls case on boxing day, die. Out of all the risk categories young children are the least likely to be able to keep themselves healthy and adhear to the catch it, bin it and kill it campagne and will definitly be the worst at hand hygiene, especially if they are at nursery or pre-school, as my son is. They deserve it more than anyone surely?

Hope that helps if it's not too late. Let me know if I've not included what you really need, I've had a little rant really! Sorry!

pinkichiban Mon 10-Jan-11 11:00:35

Hello all, My name is Emma Cordiner I am a registered user and mum of two daughters. I am studying to become a Nurse,my current assignment is on Health Promotion and I will be covering Seasonal Flu Jab.

I would be grateful for your opinions on the current promotion on children and flu vaccination and a yes, no or unsure response on the question, Do you feel the current promotion regarding children and flu has been successful?

I shall count information from the next 48 hours.

I thank you all in advance. I will not use any private details, just an overall response (I hope to be objective) and I shall post up the details of information used.

Thanks in advance Emma.

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