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Chances of vaccine for under 5s with previous pneumonia

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MuffinMouse Wed 05-Jan-11 20:49:39

My DS is 4.4 and has been admitted with pneumonia on one occasion and suspected pnuemonia a second time. Although he has been in good health for 18 months, he has a history of chest infections and is currently wheezing in his sleep. Is there any chance he would be vaccinated, assuming there is still some left at our GPs? He was left with a weakened chest. I don't want to imagine what swine flu might do to him.

Jammygal Wed 05-Jan-11 20:56:48

Phone and have a chat with GP if they have any spare they may well consider it ;)

Carseatcrazy Wed 05-Jan-11 23:08:57

I've had a similar situation with my DS. My GP said he wasn't a "priority at risk group" at first, then I spoke to my PCT who found a document for me that stated that he very much was in an "at risk group". With the assistance and pressure of the PCT, my GP has suddenly come on line and said they have 2 vaccine's reserved for him - he's having his first tomorrow. If it helps the Department of Health document is: Lettersandcirculars/Professionalletters/Chiefmedic alofficerletters/DH_116507

Have a look at the table in Annex 4 which states that any child "previously admitted to hospital for lower respiratory tract disease"......

Might be worth trying to get your PALS team at your local PCT on board, as they may be able to add weight to your argument...
Good luck

MuffinMouse Thu 06-Jan-11 10:26:59

Thank you so much! Will get on to it now.

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