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Do not underestimate this

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Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:28:23

After reading many posts claiming we are not in an epidemic i feel this is not true.

Daughter aged 9 - had swine flu jab - on day ten of flu - not getting better.

Me aged 32 - had swine flu jab - on day six of flu - not going away.

Mum - had swine flu jab - on day seven.

Partners mum - had swine flu jab - oh and has flu.

I would certainly say epidemic status here - only 15 of entire country's paedatric intensive care beds are vacant. Rest all occupied with swine flu.

I would have to say that this swine flu has probably mutated or that the vaccine is totally useless so whats the point in having it. And they should shut the schools for the next few weeks until this godforsaken illness has calmed down.

Georgimama Sun 02-Jan-11 13:30:51

My MIL spent Christmas in intensive care with swine flu. DH got up today for the first time in a week - I don't know if he had swine flu or another kind. Several of my friends have spent the Christmas holidays in bed with flu or their husbands have.

I'm concerned you know so many people who have had the vaccine and got it anyway. Seems very strange.

kormachameleon Sun 02-Jan-11 13:34:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:34:53

It is very strange isn't it. Considering you only supposed to get mild form if you still catch it. There is something they are not telling us. So sorry about your mother-in-law.

Just about everyone is catching it up here. Infection rate of about two thirds in people i know, if not more.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:36:36

Docs say defo flu as illness over a week plus with diarrhoea and sickness. All signs are swine flu tho wish they would swab.

zandy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:37:37

What is the difference between swine flu and 'ordinary' flu?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 02-Jan-11 13:38:55

The problem is there are other types of flu so you cannot say with certainty that it is swine flu unless as you say they swab.
Normal flu and swine flu do contain the same symptoms they are both flu.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:39:31

They more go by the diarrhoea and pukes which you don't normally have with normal flu, very similar symptoms i suppose. Isn't swine flu a more chesty one?

Georgimama Sun 02-Jan-11 13:39:52

It's a different strain of virus. I don't know that it is inherently any worse than any other kind, but I think as very few people have been exposed to the H1N1 (swine flu) strain until recently you are more likely to catch it than strains which have done the rounds before.

Apparently it is very similar to a strain of flu in the 1960s which was called Asian flu. My mother was a nurse in A&E then and she said that back then people were dying quicker than the porters could get them to the morgue. I don't think things are anything like that bad now.

LIZS Sun 02-Jan-11 13:41:10

Not sure what your message is really. Sorry your family has been so unwell but you got it in spite ooa vaccine. Short of quarantine what else would you suggest ?

ajandjjmum Sun 02-Jan-11 13:41:29

DS (18) is pretty poorly with a temperature and nasty cough - although not bad enough to worry about at the moment. Keeping a close eye on him though. But looking at the comparisons yesterday between 'normal' flu and swine flu, it seems that the only difference you can see is possible diarrhoea and sickness - and the info says that's unusual even in swine flu.

Didn't I read something that said stocks of vaccine from last year would be out of date now?

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:42:26

It is very concerning though - my daughter has asthma and cant seem to shake this at all.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 13:47:12

Was that not the Australian vaccines? Far as i know ours were in date and fine as were the seasonal ones.

ilovemydogandMrObama Sun 02-Jan-11 13:48:07

Now not sure what to do. I'm pregnant and DD (4) has asthma. We are booked in on Tuesday to have it. Am fairly sure we had a mild strain of flu last month, however the only person I know who has had the flu vaccine, now has flu...

FanjoForTheMincePies Sun 02-Jan-11 13:50:17

What is the point of this thread though?

That we should all run around in panic?

IAmReallyFabNow Sun 02-Jan-11 13:52:17

DH and I have been ill, me for the last week and him for the last 5 days. We currently have a really bad cough which when I do cough is extremely painful in my chest, I also have asthma. I felt okay so went out to get dinner and now feel wiped out again. For the last 2 days I have also been feeling very sick. I have no idea what is wrong, just feel rubbish.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 02-Jan-11 13:56:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Jan-11 13:57:10

There's also seasonal flu about.

I had that strain of flu, Georgie, in the 1970s, when we were living in Singapore. It was called Hong Kong flu. I was about 8 and it made me very ill and so I had bloods and swabs for diagnosis.

We all had swine flu in June of 2009, but they were testing for it then so we knew what it was.

It only lasted over a week in DD1, age 7. The rest of us, including a 7-month-old baby, were not as ill.

I was much, much more ill with the Hong Kong and with a type B which I had as an adult (wound up in hospital with pneumonia from that, there was another young man on the floor who also had pneumonia from flu because my mother hung out with his, and he had diarrhea and vomitting as well).

expatinscotland Sun 02-Jan-11 14:00:35

that's true, stewies.

when i had swine flu, i was well enough to post on here.

when i had those other two types, no way.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 14:02:52

The point of this thread is not to panic but the point is not just to say "oh its only a wee bug" either.

My point is the vaccine not as effective as making out and even if it is one of the other two flus then the vaccine not really helping with them either.

Unless of course we have a secret fourth strain of flu lol.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 02-Jan-11 14:04:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StewieGriffinsMom Sun 02-Jan-11 14:06:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 02-Jan-11 14:06:31

Gheko, it is a wee bug for a large number of people. That's probably a lot of why it spreads so easily, too. DH tested positive for it, the only reason he was tested at all is because DS was positive (and then all the rest of us) but for him, it was like an annoying cold. He wasn't floored by it at all. Nor was the baby.

I wasn't that bad myself, certainly not as bad as had been with the two other strains of flu I was known to have had.

Ghekogiddy Sun 02-Jan-11 14:08:52

Stewie - the seasonal flu jab contains vaccine against the three types of flu going about. The swine flu vaccine is now in the seasonal vaccine.

onimolap Sun 02-Jan-11 14:10:17

Flu immunizations are updated annually so they are effective against the types of flu circulaing in the population. You always get that season's flu jab.

This year, swine flu is one of the flu strains included in the seasonal jab - one of the 3 in there ( swine flu is in effect now a seasonal flu). A seperate jab is not required.

There was a separate jab when swine flu first emerged as it was a strain of a type of flu to which the general population had little/no immunity (last big outbreak of this strain was in 1960s), and because it emerged a) rapidly and b) off-season. It was described as a pandemic, not because it was particularly worrying, but because it had human-human contact on several continents simultaneously (ie the term was used by the medics as a defined technical term for the nature of the spread of the disease, not its severity).

Who gets the flu jab is decided annually and depends on what flus are prevalent and what groups are most at risk.

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