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To get jabbed or not??

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AdiVic Wed 29-Dec-10 21:29:25


I am about 8 weeks pregnant (was also pregnant this time last year and had baby late Jan 2010).

I am confused about getting the swine flu jab (and work for a medical co!!).

There are 2 types of jab, one is apparently Celvapan, which apparently contains something refferred to as tween 80 (this is polysorbate 80), and this has been previoulsy used to induce infertility in men. The other jab used is Prepandrix, which contains a form of Mercury called thimerisol.

Having read the ingredients, I am not sure I wwould want to put any of this into my body in case it harms the baby. My Dr just smiles sweelty and says there have been no side effects blah blah and it is perfectly safe, but how can they 100% know it is safe if the vaccine has not actually been around that long? I have also seen alot of websites reporting misscarriages after having the jab.

I am ultra worried about vaccines as ALL the children in my family developed severe eczema and asthma within 24 hrs of having the MMR (could be coincidence).

Are there any mums/mums to be out there who have managed to find anything relating to the swine flu jabs? I know the jab is better than having full blown swine flu, but I was P last year and was fine. Feeling very confused.

blinks Wed 29-Dec-10 23:36:21

i would recommend you get the jab. i've had it and also my DH, and two young children who have asthma. BUT you'll no doubt get contrary responses.

at the end of the day it's your decision but as a frontline NHS worker i can confirm that flu, esp SF can be very very nasty and during pregnancy you are definitely more vulnerable to complications as your immunity is lowered.

bubbleymummy Wed 29-Dec-10 23:58:29

Adivic, go with your instinct. If you are unsure about it and have a family history of allergic reactions then you have to make the decision that you think is best for YOU. Pregnant women are also at risk with seasonal flu but most women won't rush out and get vaccinated against it. Swine flu was no worse than seasonal flu last year (fewer fatalities) and while pregnant women were in the at-risk group, the risk is still very small. Try not to let all the media scaremongering frighten you into a decision that you don't feel comfortable with. The flu figures for this year are typical of normal flu season - it just happens that swine flu is one of the main strains circulating this year.

ReshapeWhileDamp Thu 30-Dec-10 18:30:35

I thought that this year, the swine flu jab wasn;t being offered (whether pandremix or celvapan) unless you have very reduced immunity (and therefore are offered both the swine flu jab from last year and a seasonal flu jab. At least, that's what my GP SIL told me.). What is on offer for pregnant women is a combined vaccine offering immunity against two strains of seasonal flu, and swine flu. I had it and was told it does not contain:
live vaccine.

Have a look at the recent webchat with David Salisbury for more info. smile

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