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What was the flu season like in Australia this year ?

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Winetimeisfinetime Wed 29-Dec-10 10:27:09

I can't find much information on how severe the winter flu was this year in the Southern Hemisphere. I thought that could be a guide as to how bad our flu season might be so thought it might be helpful to know, for those who are worrying about swine flu.

Jammygal Sun 02-Jan-11 17:33:19

I don't think it was that bad last flu season.
They stopped vaccinating under fives though when a kid died from a dodgy batch of vaccine in the Perth area. There were loads of other kids who had febrile convulsions and a couple were left braindead from the same batch.

Just to stress this was different to our vaccine ;)

thumbwitch Sun 02-Jan-11 17:34:26

Didn't notice it, tbh.
And yes, the swine flu vaccine is no longer offered to DC under 5.

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