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Question for Musukebba

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dikkertjedap Thu 09-Dec-10 12:55:58

If you have had the swine flu vaccination last year, would it still protect this year? Both dd and myself had severe reaction to last year's pandemrix vaccine and what seems to be on offer here is the flu vaccine with the adjuvenated swine flu component. I phoned private clinics but they couldn't even confirm what they were using hmm so I feel quite reluctant to take the vaccine on offer.

Musukebba Fri 10-Dec-10 00:21:27

Hi dikkertjedap: are you based in the uk? If so then this year's Sanofi Pasteur trivalent flu vaccine doesn't have the adjuvant in it.

If you and yours are not in the risk groups, and all you need is protection against swine flu, then your previous monovalent vaccination should still provide protection against that. However what we are seeing at the moment is flu B as well as flu A so there are reasons to get the trivalent one. Also H3 is around as well.

dikkertjedap Fri 10-Dec-10 15:10:53

Thanks very much. Yes we are in the UK. I have asthma, dd is not in a risk group but given how much ill she has already been since starting school (very large school), I would like to have her vaccinated if it is safe to do so. Last year, she had the first shot (she was 3.5 years at the time) and had extremely high uncontrollable fever and paediatrician recommended not to give her the second jab as he thought it a bit too risky also as we are not close to hospitals in case of an emergency. We have all been exposed to real swine flu as DH was a confirmed case during the Summer 2009. He was very ill for several days, he got tamiflu after about 15 hours and a few hours after that fever and terrible headaches became more manageable. Still was very ill though, so I am not underestimating this disease and would like to be protected. Both dd and I took tamiflu profylactically for 10 days when DH was ill.

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