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Questionnaire for Single Parents

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CRRea Sat 10-Feb-18 00:32:04

I am a third year undergraduate student studying ‘BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning’.
For my dissertation, I am conducting research on Single Parent families and their support networks – ‘How do support networks impact a child’s Personal, Social and Emotional development in single parent families?’
Therefore, I ask for any current single parents, with children under the age of 10 years of age, to complete this questionnaire. The questions are generalised without request for personal information and will significantly help in my collection of data, to further my research.
All data will be stored and kept entirely confidential and the data will not be used for any other reason except my research. However, there is a possibility for this research to be put forward for publication. Excerpts from answers provided may be quoted in the write up of the research.
Upon submission of the questionnaire, participants wave the right to withdraw their data due to the anonymity of the platform.
If you have any questions, please do so by replying to this post.
Those who are willing, questionnaire link is unavailable so please respond on here if you would be happy to participate and arrangements will be made.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

AlpacaLypse Sat 10-Feb-18 00:35:26

Hi @CRRea just to let you know I'm reporting this thread to HQ, not because I think you're dodgy but because they'll be able to help you repost it in the best bit of the site for you. Best wishes xx

AlpacaLypse Sat 10-Feb-18 00:40:23

Also Parenting is probably a good bit of the site, but everything here goes bonkers on Fridays. Probably because 3/4 of MN relies heavily on gin and tonic and gets terribly over-excited on Friday nights as their darling cherubs don't have to be woken dressed breakfasted and posted off to school on Saturday mornings.

TheHeartOfTeFiti Sat 10-Feb-18 00:43:39

Happy to take part

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 10-Feb-18 15:42:04

Hi, we're moving this thread to our NFP Surveys topic, where this sort of thing belongs.

Best of luck with the dissertation, OP. smile

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