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Calling boys (age 5-10) to take part in a science day out and get a photo of your brain!

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LauraLennuyeuxComnene72 Mon 16-Oct-17 14:43:30

My name is Laura and I work at King's College in London. We are looking for English speaking boys aged 5-10 with no neurological or mental health conditions to take part in an exciting study!
They will be asked to come in at two time points (3-5 months apart) and have an MRI scan and an assessment involving games and puzzles.
An MRI scan is a completely safe and non-invasive neuro-imaging technique which requires no radiation or sedation.
Participants will have a fun science day out and get a picture of their brain! They will also be reimbursed for their travel expenses and could earn up to £40 for their first visit and £60 for their second as a thank you for taking part.
Do you want to hear more? Please email the ABC team at: or phone Raj, Iruni or me, Laura on 020 7848 5986/0934/0364
*This research has been ethically approved (REC 15/LO/0696)

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