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Survey on Parents and their online behaviour - 5 X £10 AMAZON VOUCHERS raffle!!!

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MG1990 Mon 09-Oct-17 15:49:55

Hello Parents!

My name is Marc and together with my partner Harry, we are undergoing research for our Master thesis to better learn if and why parents are going online to seek information, advice or socialise on Parenting topics, with a focus on online communities.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in a relatively short survey.


Eligibility: Parents, Soon-to-be Parents, Guardians.
Estimated time: 5 - 7 mins
No. of questions: 16 Multiple choice/ 3 Free-form
Prizes: We’re giving away £10 Amazon vouchers to 5 survey takers. Winners shall be selected at random and the winners shall receive emails with their digital voucher by 31/10/2017

Thank you so much for your time in advance and it is greatly appreciated!

Where will your information go? Your survey answers will be stored safely and anonymously. Anonymised data may be shared with our research supervisor and possibly used in the production of academic papers.

PS. If you would know anyone at all that would fit the criteria above, please do directly share the survey link ( with them, and a big thank you from us to you!

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