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seeking men without children for interviews

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CarolineLaw Thu 27-Apr-17 11:38:17

Do you know any men who don't have children, but want or expect to have them in the future, who might be willing to take part in my PhD study?

I am a researcher and part-PhD student at De Montfort University, Leicester, doing my PhD on men’s views about the right time to have children. I am seeking to recruit men to take part in interviews. I am keen to speak to heterosexual men, including both men in relationships and single men. While I would like to hear from men of all ages who might be willing to take part, I am particularly keen to speak hear from men aged 35 and older.

If you know anyone who might be willing to help by taking part in an interview, or would like to find out more, it would be great to hear from you - please email me at or call me on 0116 2506124. Alternatively you can find more information by visiting the study website

Many thanks,
Caroline Law

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