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Difficulties of Being A New Parents

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peonylht Wed 05-Apr-17 14:50:53

Hi all,

I am sharing some insights below from a survey I have been working on - it is around the difficulties of being a new parent. I know it is extremely difficult and is definitely not as glossy as what people and brands always think of. Do you agree on the below?

1. 40% parents in the UK feels they need to be the "Perfect Parent" which stress them out
2. Around 35% mums in the UK wants to feel beautiful again and is concerned about weight gain
3. c.70% of UK parents feel helpless / lonely throughout the post-natal period.

I am launching my own project trying to alleviate post-partum depression and help with the existing problems with parenthood.
Please help me fill in the survey:

And you will also get a chance to win 1 MONTH SUPPLY of premium nappies or 2-MONTH weekly CLEANING services or 1-month free delivery of baby meal service or any types of baby / mummy services or products of YOUR CHOICE. I am keeping it as flexible as possible because the whole purpose of this survey is to make sure you get help for YOUR REAL NEEDS!

Thank you and look forward to your answers smile

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