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Help test new online selfhelp for mums who feel worried/anxious after birth

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user1490604039 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:17:04


My Name is Miriam and I am PhD student at City University of London and a SAHM (12 months old) currently trying to finish my studies (which is quite challenging to say the least). I am studying postpartum anxiety and this topic got more real when I had my little one. For my studies we put a postpartum anxiety self-help guide into an online format and are now going to test whether this would be something women with postpartum anxiety would be interested in.

Here is some more information:

What? Help us test a new online self-help program for mums who sometimes feel worried or anxious in their first year after birth. The program might help you understand common anxiety and worries experienced by new mums and practice activities to overcome those.

How? Complete an online survey to see whether you can take part. If yes, you will get access to the program right away or in 8 weeks’ time and complete online surveys before and after the program to see if you like the program and if it helps you feel less anxious.

The study and program:
- are anonymous & confidential (no information will be shared with your GP or other health care professionals).
- have been reviewed and given a favourable opinion by the London-Dulwich Research Ethics Committee (an independent group of people to protect your interests).

To participate and for more information, please go to:
For more information/questions contact Miriam Ashford: (

Many thanks for your time!


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