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Body Image within pre teens

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LouisaMarion Mon 27-Mar-17 15:21:58

I am currently writing a dissertation on childrenswear and the 'fashionisation' of the industry, specifically for 9-11 year old girls.

A part of this study i am looking at girls self esteem and body image.

Who would you say your daughter's role models are? (& how old is she?)

Do you believe your daughter (and/or young girls in general) may compare herself physically or aspire to be like others? (peers and/or celebs, images on social media, advertising etc)

Thank you I really appreciate any useful comments for my study.


Ethelswith Thu 30-Mar-17 15:31:04

My (very sporty) DD really admires Jessica Ennis-Hill and IIRC she is also the only person on whose opinion she has commented.

This is because she envies her six-pack - DD is still on the young side for getting that level of muscle definition. But she's working on it

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