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Dissertation research - conceiving using IVF

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LaylaH1506 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:51:38

Hello, I am studying a Masters course in Attachment Studies at a University in London. I am currently doing my dissertation, under the supervision of a world-renowned lecturer. I am recruiting for a study that uses an Interview to explore the parent-child relationship of those who have conceived using IVF.

In psychology, research into IVF is very limited; conceiving a child through means of IVF has not yet been explored in psychological literature. This research would be the first of its kind and could help inform the IVF practice as well as how professionals understand IVF and the parent-child relationship.

I am ideally looking to Interview individuals living in/ around London. If you think you’d be interested in participating (it would just require 1 Interview) and would like more information about the study, then please contact me via MumsNet or email me at

Your contribution to this research area would be greatly appreciated and help to further our understanding. Many thanks, Layla

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