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Student Documentary help!!

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user1489506583 Tue 14-Mar-17 16:08:14


As part of my final university project I am creating a documentary focusing on elderly care and how the elderly are treated within society in the UK. I have watched my nan struggle with day to day activities and have been increasingly frustrated at the lack of help provided for her and others by the council and elderly welfare charities. I was wondering if anyone could please share their experiences with elderly care (both positive and negative) that I could please use as research for my project. All comments would be greatly appreciated and will remain anonymous.

Many thanks!

Sand2017 Wed 15-Mar-17 07:40:14

Hi there, I can share a story about my parents who were both diagnosed with dementia, practically simultaneously. They finally ended up in a care home as it was found to be dangerous for them to be living at home alone. They were both prescribed risperidone. In my opinion, risperidone was used for the benefit of the carers, to make my parents docile and easy to manage. This drug is now not allowed to be used in the elderly. Both my parents died with 6 months of each other, after taking risperidone for approx two years. Coincidence? I am not sure. However, having read that the drug is now not allowed to be used in the elderly, it does make me wonder. They died in 2007. Good luck with your research and if you know anyone trying to lose weight through low carbohydrate dieting, please send them my way as my MSc dissertation involves research with this population!

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