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Market Research Survey

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AHope200 Tue 07-Mar-17 12:26:41

This questionnaire is in relation to an undergraduate research project. The project requires students to provide a business case for a new product coming to market. The product is an automated temperature control water faucet, initially devised to aid parents with bathing their child. Your participation is part of the market research stage and - although you will not directly benefit from the study - is hugely important in taking the project forward. Your participation is entirely voluntary and the data gathered will be held securely and confidentially. All documents published in relation to this survey will be fully anonymous.

Thank you for your participation.

The survey can be found at this link:

AuntieStella Fri 17-Mar-17 07:48:36

Your survey doesn't work, because if you go for 'other' in response to q.1 it doesn't recognise it, and it would be contradictory to also tick an answer box when none listed actually apply

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