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All parents with a baby/young child!

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Nicolajf Fri 03-Mar-17 23:15:07


I am at Norland College studying Early Years. I've posted this survey before, thank you if you've already completed it but I need more completed please!

To enable me to complete my degree, I am seeking your participation in my research on Support Available for and the Confidence of New Parents - I am mainly looking for parents with children under 18 months, but if you haven't and feel you've got something to contribute please do fill one in, I'd love to hear from you!

Below is the link to a short (21 questions) questionnaire for new parents, which should take no more than approximately 5 minutes to complete.

I'd be very grateful if you would be able to complete the questionnaire for me please. It'd also be great if you could ask your friends/neighbours/family/anyone you know, if they'd be able to fill one out for me too!


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