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Are you a parent of a child who’s recently applied for university? They can get £40 for talking to us about their experience of applying for university

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flamingpenguin Fri 03-Mar-17 18:03:32


Do you have a child who’s just applied for university. If they’d be up for talking to us about their experience we’ll give them a £40 Amazon voucher in return for a call with one of our friendly team.

How do I apply
Please ask your child to complete the short form at the link below.
If they’re selected we’ll email them to arrange a convenient time to talk.
Information provided will only be used to select people for the interviews.

Signup here ->

Please note that not everyone will be able to participate. Only those selected and who have a call with the team will receive the incentive.

How will the information used
Information will be treated confidentially and will be used to help Coventry University make it’s website more useful for pupils who are in the process of applying to university.

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