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Student Questionnaire regarding sling use - trying to design a new product

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joshuayeates Wed 22-Feb-17 23:23:37

Hello I'm Joshua Yeates, a final year Product Design student at London South Bank University. I am currently looking into parent and child experiences at the airport and during their flight with the intention of designing a new product or system which would make the experience more efficient and more comfortable for all involved.

All information is confidential and anonymised and will only be used by my for the duration of this project. For further information about the course feel free to look at

Thank you.

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joshuayeates Wed 22-Feb-17 23:28:27

Hey mummers!

I've really been focused in on a design recently and am looking for a better solution in the form of an integrated sling. Apologies if some of the questions seem obvious - but I'd really like to get responses I can confidently assess.

This and further questionnaires will contribute to a product which will make air travel much more comfortable for parents and child (although not limited to airport use.)

I appreciate all the help I can get smile

FilthMonster Wed 22-Feb-17 23:38:25

I've completed your survey. The age slider is a little unclear - do the numbers represent a percentage of 36 months?

You haven't really asked about airports at all, I presume that's deliberate?

joshuayeates Thu 23-Feb-17 00:18:42

Sorry, the age slider represents age of your child in months: If you found the wrap sling unsuitable as your child was too heavy for it at 18 months you would choose 18.

Yep deliberate! I will have follow up questionnaires coming regarding air travel, I just need to get initial information currently regarding slings to tailor it. I just need to get more in-tune with users thoughts and feelings at present.

I had previously set up a questionnaire regarding pushchairs but it elicited difficult to assess responses as I think I was unprepared.

Thanks for answering though grin hopefully you'll get involved in the follow-up questionnaires shortly once i've analysed enough responses from this one.

joshuayeates Thu 23-Feb-17 00:19:16

regarding using pushchairs at airports*

joshuayeates Thu 23-Feb-17 00:21:44

Okay I've just double checked the question - initially it had said between 0 - 36 months? I'm not sure what had happened - thanks for pointing this out!

KavvLar Thu 23-Feb-17 00:27:24

Just clicked to do the survey but haven't yet. My responses would be different based on the age of the baby - I didn't have a favourite as such. Up to about four or five months the stretchy wrap was best for me. Thereafter I used a buckled carrier until around two years old.

Ethelswith Thu 23-Feb-17 16:17:19

What exactly are the problems in airports that you are seeking to ameliorate?

joshuayeates Sat 11-Mar-17 15:10:22

Originally it was to remove the need for bringing a pushchair or integrating a pushchair into a hand luggage design. Very few airports have pushchairs available at hand (some airlines do) but if you had checked in your pushchair into the hold then you would then have to carry your child for the duration or rent a buggy.

It's a difficult topic as it is inconsistent. But especially for parents travelling alone with one or more children the main inconvenience I wanted to improve is airport navigation ease.

Bringing handluggage + pushchair + hold luggage with the addition of looking after children seems too cumbersome. My idea has since evolved slightly from that but this is/was the initial problem I intend/ed to ameliorate.

joshuayeates Sat 11-Mar-17 15:13:27

Hey if anyone passing by has a spare few minutes to answer this it would really help, I would like a really well rounded answer pool so I want to get 20 answers on this before I formalise these results and show lecturers and such smile

I will have another survey coming which will be easier too, regarding design/material perception (almost word association)

But every response helps! Thank you flowers

Ethelswith Sat 11-Mar-17 16:31:05

Did you know that with you can keep your pushchair with you to the gate? (and I think it's pretty standard for all airlines).

It then either goes in to the cabin if space, or is put in the hold from the gate.

joshuayeates Sat 11-Mar-17 16:46:54

Hi, I've looked into it and unbelievably it's not standard procedure, a lot more are adopting this though. I haven't found that airlines have been willing to take the pushchair into the cabin though - which airlines have you flown with that have done this? I have only really known of them going into the hold.

One of my concerns is transit flights. If you had a large transit duration and your pushchair is in the hold you will not be able to retrieve it for the transit duration.

Also with a lot of airlines that do allow you to keep your pushchair to the plane it then has to be retrieved on the carousel (i'm unsure whether this is airline protocol or if that is up to the airport dispatchers)

Ethelswith Sat 11-Mar-17 16:58:23

It depends on whether the flight is full, and how small your pushchair folds for in-cabin. But hold from the gate is widely available.

It depends on the layout of the airport at destination whether you can get it from the plane (yes, I have done this, but IM(limited)E it's only at smaller ones - eg where you can walk from plane to terminal).

I hadn't thought about transit (by which time you'd have only handbaggage and infant to juggle). Do bear in mind that one of the advantages of a pushchair is that a DC can sleep in it. A design that does not make that likely isn't going to help, because even though the walking for what seem like miles can be a PITA, it's the keeping the DC contained and quiet (and possibly sleeping) that can matter more.

Also, given the need to carry so much infant clobber (especially if you have a long time in transit, I am now wondering how a design would allow you to carry enough Stuff. So looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

joshuayeates Sat 11-Mar-17 18:19:09

Yeah I'm really trying to increase child comfort and reduce the amount of things parents would need to juggle to create a more efficient/comfortable user experience in turn.

I have a couple designs which answer this presently which I don't want to divulge on too early, but i'm using these surveys to confirm which is the more appropriate choice and empathise with mums who have experience with this to improve it.
I really appreciate your insight and interest though, it's a tough project area I've been set and admittedly a bit draining with the amount of dead-ends and regulations to abide by but i feel more positive from your comment and input halo

joshuayeates Sun 12-Mar-17 11:36:07


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