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Participants wanted for university research on embryo donation for family building

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drvicclarke Mon 06-Feb-17 16:23:55

Participants wanted for research on experiences of embryo donation for family building

This new research is focused on embryo donation for family building and particularly the experiences of donor families and families with children conceived through embryo donation. We want to hear about your experiences in your own words. We are especially interested in what you think and feel about embryo donation and what family means to you. We are hoping that our research will help people who have had an involvement in embryo donation or who are thinking about either donating an embryo or conceiving through embryo donation.
We’d particularly like to speak to you if you’re in one of the following groups:

1) people who donated an embryo for the purposes of helping other people to conceive. The donation must have happened at least a year ago.
2) people who have conceived a child with a donated embryo. The donation must have happened at least a year ago.
3) Children of donors who are aged 16 or older and who know about their parent(s)’ donation
4) People conceived with a donated embryo who are aged 16 or older and who know about how their embryo donation conception

Please note that our specific interest is with embryo donation, so people who have donated eggs or sperm, or who have conceived with either donated eggs or donated sperm (or with both donated eggs and sperm, ‘double donation’, but not an embryo) are not eligible to participate. The research is open to both individuals and couples, heterosexual and non-heterosexual (lesbian/gay/queer), and to those who donated and conceived in the UK or overseas. If you are not sure if you fall into our criteria, please do check with us.

You’ll be invited to participate in an interview – you’ll meet with a trained member of the research team who will ask you questions and you’ll get to talk about your experiences in some depth (this is not a tick box type interview). You will also be asked to draw, or help the interviewer to draw, your family map. The questions will focus on your family, your embryo donation story, your views on the regulation of embryo donation in the UK and how support services for potential donors and people considering using embryo donation to conceive can be improved.

For people who live in or near the South West, you’ll be offered the choice of a face-to-face interview or Skype interview. For people further afield, you’ll be invited to participate in a Skype interview.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, please contact or (Victoria can also be reached on her mobile – 07914 209025)

The research team are: Dr Victoria Clarke, Dr Michal Nahman and Ms Rachel Willcox from the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE); Dr Naomi Moller from The Open University; and Dr Fiona Tasker from Birkbeck, University of London.

This research has ethical approval from the Faculty of Health & Applied Sciences Faculty Research Ethics Committee at UWE

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