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Dissertation help: The gap between parents and children in the digital world?

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LauraStudent Sun 15-Jan-17 10:01:48

Hello! smile

I am a 3rd year journalism student who is currently in the middle of writing a dissertation piece to complete my degree and I need answers from some lovely parents to use in my piece.

I am currently writing about whether or not parents feel there is a gap between them and their child(ren) when it comes to digital technology e.g. do they understand how to check what their doing on Facebook? Would they know if they were speaking to strangers online? And how do you feel about it?

I need 1 paragraph type answers that I can use within my dissertation. I will not be using your usernames within it but a description of who answered along the lines of 'A female parent, aged 35' or something similar.

If you can take 5 minutes to write an answer to the above I would be forever grateful smile

Thank you for your time!

BackforGood Mon 16-Jan-17 00:15:15

I'd like to help but struggle with a 'blank sheet of paper' to know what it is you want to know, and also if you have an age range of children in mind.

I, for example have 3 dc - one of whom is your age (I presume - he is in 3rd yr of his degree). I can answer that all my dc help me with technology. I am definitely the student and they are the teachers.
I am Facebook friends with each of them, but, tbh, they don't really use FB as their main social media..... after all, it's all clogged up with older people like myself now wink. I have no idea if my ds ever speaks to strangers online - I know he's normally talking to various friends whilst playing FIFA, and usually they are folk I know, but I'd have no way of monitoring if they weren't, nor would I have any right to, as he's 20.

We've had lots of conversations about internet safety in general terms as all of them have been growing up.

HarrietSchulenberg Mon 16-Jan-17 00:32:30

I'm female, 46 and have used computers (PC, Microsft Office etc) all my working life.

My kids are 16, 14 and 9. I know more than them about most computer/digital related stuff as they're not really interested in it beyond social media.

The teenagers use virtually every SM platform they can get their hands and although they both know about online safety, the 16 year old ignores it and has, in the past, arranged to meet people he's met on FB without telling me. 14 year old is much more savvy bit both ask me to sort any problems with PC, printer etc.

9 year old only uses Club Penguin and Mathletics, for school, but occasionally will use Publisher, with help, for making newspapers.

I'd say none of them are tech savvy as they're happy to just use the front end products and have no interest in what goes on behind the screenor how to fix a problem.

LauraStudent Fri 20-Jan-17 11:38:12

Thanks for your replies so far!

In answer to the first post, children of any age are fine by me smile

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