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Family Eating - Please help!

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lucyannab Sat 14-Jan-17 14:42:29

Hi everyone!

I am a student at the University of Reading and as part of my final year dissertation I am looking at children's eating behaviour and would like to hear from parents about what influences the food they choose to give their children.

I need parents of children aged 1-16 years to complete a short online questionnaire which should only take 10 minutes at most. All data is stored anonymously.

Would be really appreciative if anyone could help out!

Thanks so much !

DesignedForLife Sat 14-Jan-17 20:54:12

I don't think you'll get much response if you're asking for identifying data such as children's names.

Mrsaverage1 Sat 14-Jan-17 21:07:27

I've completed for you but put anonymous names in. PP is right, you will get a better response if you change it to "Child 1, Child 2" etc

empirerecordsrocked Sat 14-Jan-17 21:11:04

Agree with the others make it anonymous and I'd be happy to fill it in.

ninenicknames Sat 14-Jan-17 21:39:18

Anonymous names in

lucyannab Sun 15-Jan-17 13:55:12

Thanks so much for your feedback, really appreciated. But I wan't to add that the data is STORED anonymously, so only myself and my researchers can see this data. Names or contact details would never be released to public.

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