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Mum's of *infants up to 24m* needed for *online questionnaire* for dissertation project, *amazon vouchers* prize draw

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shonah13 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:33:41

I am doing my dissertation on parent's beliefs and behaviours in caring for young infants up to 24 months, if you can, or know anyone that would be able to help me out by completing our online questionnaire we would be so grateful! Participation takes around half an hour and at the end you can enter a prize draw to win one of 40 £10 amazon vouchers.
Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be able to help! If you click on the babycare link and then on the link next to 'are you in the uk?' you will be taken to the survey.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated, thank you!

impostersyndrome Fri 13-Jan-17 15:02:11

OP you need to ask the site to correct the rogue apostrophe in your title if you don't want to put off the pedantic contingent of your target audience!

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