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Self-Esteem in primary aged children 4-11 years - Please can you help with a survey for research project.

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Elliottfamily44 Thu 20-Oct-16 12:26:54

I am hoping to become a primary school teacher and I am passionate about creating a nurturing learning environment where children can develop self-esteem.
As part of my A level studies I am researching the link between primary sport and self esteem.
Can you help by taking this short survey? Just click on the link and you will be taken to the questionnaire.

This questionnaire is anonymous - your IP address will not be revealed. You will not be asked for your contact details and you will not be contacted. The results will only be seen by myself and the internal and external moderators. The results will not be published on the internet.
You can withdraw from answering the questionnaire at any point.
I have 10 questions about your primary aged child. If you have more than one primary aged child then you can choose to either respond with reference to one child, or complete multiple surveys.
Thank you for your time.

MrsHathaway Thu 20-Oct-16 13:09:49

I disagree with you about what self esteem is so this survey was difficult to complete.

Could you tell me more about what you think self esteem means? In particular I'm thinking about the influences of actual competence/skills versus societal ideals versus the opinions of others.

CartwheelGirl Mon 24-Oct-16 14:14:34

Done. Hope it helps.

Elliottfamily44 Wed 26-Oct-16 13:21:08

Mrs Hathaway Thank you for filling in the survey and taking the time to comment. Defining self-esteem is problematic because it is used in different contexts. I have chosen to define it as
'Self-esteem is how you realistically assess your feelings about your worth and competence. Self esteem can be raised or lowered over time.'

Dennis Lawrence has written a book on enhancing self esteem in the classroom defines someone with high self esteem as ' a person who is confident and has a realistically positive view of themselves and of their abilities'

I agree that being able to measure competence is an important factor. People with low self esteem may underestimate their competence, or may have a realistic view but still feel that this is 'not good enough'. with regard to competence I think it is important that children experience trial and error in skills that are appropriate for their level of development (including skills that they may initially struggle with .)

As for societal views - society is certainly competitive and both parents and teachers can feel the pressure of achievement. I am dyslexic and my brother has a significant communication delay so this is an area that I have experienced first hand. From my personal opinion, I felt that understanding that I learned in a different way, or that it might take longer for me to accomplish a task compared to others, was really valuable. My mum was quite pragmatic and has challenged both of us to learn to accept and embrace our learning difficulties. For me this was being brave enough to ask for help in front of my class and to get over being worried about what others might think. At the end of my GCSEs many of my friends have said how grateful they were that I asked questions that they wouldn't.
However, there are still people at college who might laugh at the fact that I struggle to co-ordinate my steps up a long staircase, that I still misread words, or that I spend more time in the library than anywhere else - but that's their problem!
Again thank you so much for filling in the questionnaire - and I would be happy to try and answer or debate any other questions you might have.
All the best, Georgia

MrsHathaway Wed 26-Oct-16 18:00:12

Ok I still disagree with your definition because of the word "realistically" - in my experience reality has very little to do with self esteem!

Thank you for your detailed response: it was very interesting.

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