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Do you want to share your experiences of perinatal health care?

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user1473590300 Mon 03-Oct-16 12:16:30


We are currently piloting a survey to explore lived experiences of pregnant women’s and postnatal mothers with mental health problems of using perinatal health care (during pregnancy and in the first 12 months after pregnancy).

We want to get in touch with pregnant women and postnatal mothers with experience of this, to hear their views on what support pregnant women and mothers need when using health care services.

Based on what we learn from pregnant women and postnatal mothers, we will write a report that supports the development of improved health care provision to women with mental health problems. The report will be sent out to professionals, including clinical psychologists and other professionals across the UK and it should make a real difference to how health care services support pregnant women and mothers with mental health problems.

The survey will take 10-15 minutes. Here is the link to the survey

Many thanks. Your help with is much appreciated.

With very best wishes,


Dr. Laura Annamaria Cariola
Research Assistant in Clinical Psychology
The University of Edinburgh
School of Health in Social Science
Old Medical School
Teviot Place
Edinburgh EH8 9AG

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