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Research survey for parents with children aged 3 or under

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Design2016 Mon 26-Sep-16 14:40:48

Hi all

I am a 2nd year Product Design Engineering student at Strathclyde University, Glasgow and I am posting on behalf of our group for a design module where our challenge is to "design a product to transport a child under 3."

We ourselves have limited experience with babies and toddlers, therefore we felt that mumsnet would be an ideal source to communicate with the parents and carers of children aged 0-3 in order to gain further understanding of the difficulties faced while travelling with young children.

We would greatly appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to participate in the short survey posted below.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the survey feel free to email me at the following address.


Design2016 Sun 16-Oct-16 20:30:34

A huge thanks to all that took the time to reply! The survey is still open and we would appreciate any further input.

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