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Doing research on writers

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user1473056542 Mon 05-Sep-16 07:35:48

Hi all, I'm doing some research for a personal project on the motivation of writers, and the scripts that we have in our heads. I'm also an aspiring writer, so I know what I think but I don't know what everyone else thinks. Would anyone be willing to let me interview them on Skype for 10-15 min? I'd be happy take a look and give feedback on a sample of your ms, or plot outline.

user1473056542 Mon 05-Sep-16 07:37:33

p.s I'd be very grateful! thanks in advance (smile)

ImperialBlether Wed 07-Sep-16 17:46:42

What would you be doing with the recordings?

Potatofish Wed 07-Sep-16 18:54:46

Why Skype? What is the research being used for? You might get more people willing to participate if you were more specific about what it is you're actually working on, and if you did it via some other medium..

MissBattleaxe Sun 11-Sep-16 17:14:24

I don't know why you want this information from people. "Personal project" sounds as if you are either very nosey or a journalist.

user1473056542 Thu 15-Sep-16 10:09:58

Good question, I wouldn't be recording it. I'd be chatting and taking notes.

herebehippos Thu 15-Sep-16 10:17:30

Well you haven't actually answered the question as to whether you are a journalist and what this is all for. Surely if you were just wondering what other writers thought you'd ask. Are you trying to avoid the fee for media requests?

user1473056542 Thu 15-Sep-16 10:30:23

Hi I was writing a longer response out but I ran out of battery! Sorry for not explaining myself in the original post - I thought I'd be boring everyone! I'm a freelance editor, I have some time off and am travelling through Asia. I'd like to understand writers better. Why? Well I am a newbie writer, so it's interesting to talk to similar. But more important to me it's to see if I can be a better editor and also, as a new side project, see if I can code something useful (like this for instance I'm speaking to a number of writers already, it's been fun, and thrown up things I hadn't thought of before. If anyone is interested, (if you're not, that's fine of course), then I would like to talk to you about why you write. It's on skype as i'm abroad for the next 6 months. Conversations are better than a survey as it means I can listen rather than impose a set of questions! I hope that explains everything. Is this nosy...yes I suppose it is, but it's for a good end, I think!

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 15-Sep-16 17:58:28

Hi there OP,

We're just going to move this over to our NFP topic, as we're afraid we don't allow these sorts of threads on the main boards.

user1473056542 Fri 16-Sep-16 05:56:05

Ah ok, makes sense. thanks!

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Fri 30-Sep-16 19:46:42

What would you do with it? Are you writing a book?

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