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Market study on safety window film application in Southampton area

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CarmenL Fri 12-Aug-16 22:06:22

Hi all

I would really appreciate your feedback on the idea below, this is not a selling post It's more like a potential market study in Southampton area. Please reply only if you live here.

My husband is thinking to do some private work in the evenings and weekends to help our family budget and as he has been a sign maker for many years he's got lots of experience in applying various vinyl films on glass and other surfaces.
Knowing how fragile glass is and how dangerous can be for children, would you be interested to have certain glass surfaces in your house (windows, doors, table, handrail) covered with a clear safety film?
This can be done for two different reasons:
1. As a safety feature for your family in case of accidental breakage as this film will keep all pieces of glass together stopping them from flying all over the house
2. As added protection in case of break-ins, vandalism and explosions

He can also apply etched vinyl film for privacy to outside windows or even glass shower screens.

Please let me know if you would be interested in having any of these services done.

Many thanks

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