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Do you often miss your kids when work or life takes you away?

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MiloToy Sat 30-Jul-16 19:20:19

Do you often miss your kids when work or life takes you away?

My name is Hannah and my Dad is ex-Army. Growing up he would be away for weeks at a time, he’d miss school parents evenings, plays, family dinners and I was one of the lucky ones - he was never sent on deployment during my lifetime. But I know not everyone is that lucky.

That’s why at University, studying Industrial Design, I took the opportunity to design a product that might be able to help young military families experiencing separation due to deployment. I later found out that this problem of family separation is only increasing with jobs taking us away from our families.

And so 1 year later the concept of Milo was born. In short Milo (a little lion character) allows a young child to stay in touch with an absent loved one using two way video messages and a treasure hunt game.

Check out the video to see how it works exactly.

I’m still developing the idea further so that one day little Milo will make into onto the shelves.. I’d love to hear what you guys think about the idea - all feedback is good (however honest you are!) and I’d be really grateful.

I have a short questionnaire online that you can take a look at to see some new Milo concepts. These work in a similar way but are essentially cuddly instead of plastic! The survey is available here:

I can’t say thank you enough if you can help me out here! It’s so important to know what you guys think to help me take the concept forward, find the necessary funding and get Milo out there!


Hannah Sage

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