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Tackling children obesity

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user1466094115 Thu 16-Jun-16 17:58:08


I am a fourth year BSc Biomedical sciences student from the University of Aberdeen interested in tackling children obesity. I am doing a research on parent's opinion on obesity in Scotland. Maybe you can fill in this survey:
We can tackle children obesity TOGETHER! Thank you!

TheFirie Thu 16-Jun-16 19:12:17

Very little biomedical in your survey and a lot of marketing research to make money out of children obesity.

If this is the way UK is fighting obesity or researching how to fight obesity, there is no hope.

user1466094115 Fri 17-Jun-16 17:24:24


Yes, this research is more looking at the need of food diaries and whether parents would buy them. This project is not for making money but helping out children.

Heratnumber7 Fri 17-Jun-16 17:27:34

Have you thought about people who answer "not at all concerned" to the first Q, even though they may have an obese child?

TheFirie Fri 17-Jun-16 20:06:53

Well the questions I remember where about the price I would pay for it, or an app.

It is just that I think it is totally pointless. Do you really thing a teenager will write down the frozen coke he had on his way back from school? Having him educated in not buying it would be far more effective.

The other day I was watching the Finland Phenomenon and what shocked me was how SLIM all the students in the documentary were.

I know it is your research and so what I am saying is not helping you to complete your studies, but it is the crap they eat and drink that makes them obese or designated to become it.

In my kid's school, fried processed chicken (with only 41% chicken in it) is considered a healthy option on the menu. Lunch boxes are a collection of packets/ Where is the real food? Why do you have to eat crisps every day? In France, you only have them at birthday parties. At school you eat on the floor and have only 10 min, you can't eat a salad in 10 min! A hot dog yes, a plate of pasta, no. The constant snacking. You don't eat in the street. ...The list is endless, even after 2 years in Australia, I am still shocked.

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